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[ # ] A Tiffany/Debbie Gibson tour is no longer Only In our Dreams!
April 18th, 2011 under Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany

Back in January when I saw Tiffany and Debbie Gibson sing Don’t Stop Believin’ together, I started believing that the two ’80s pop stars would take their Journey to the road and guess what they are! The red headed mall singer no longer Thinks she is Alone now on the road because she told the NY Post she is going on tour with her rumored rival. And Deborah Gibson confirmed the news isn’t Only in Tiffany’s Dreams on her Twitter by Tweeting, “I awoke to the same news you did! Lol! Since the word is out..YES! I can confirm! Tiff n I on tour!”
The Mega Python vs Gatoroid co-stars will not only play songs from their Electric Youth they will also be singing covers of the songs with the Foolish Beat that made them who they are as singers! Sounds like it is going to be like totally awesome, so who is with me and ready to show these ’80s teen idols that they can still Shake Your Love!
So now that we have New Kids on the Block touring with Backstreet Boys, and Tiffany singing it out with Debbie Gibson…who do you think will be next? Greg Brady and Danny Partridge? Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? Menudo from the early ’80s and Menudo from the late ’80s? Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx?

UPDATE: Tiffany took to her Facebook and explained that it isn’t a tour as of now, but a few shows between to the two ’80s teen idols. But I think if those do well, it can easily turn into a tour, don’t you agree? So let her know you want a Tiffany/Debbie Gibson tour because I sure as heck know I want to see them on one stage!!!
Here’s what Tiffany said Facebook:

Well guys
There’s no official tour. Just some shows in the works. I’m starting my touring dates in may. And this new record is taking off. So excited. Single will be released soon and video in the works next month….a lot to do.
With that said, I’m trying to put all things in motion. They’re will be shows with deb just not sure how many. So when they come up don’t miss them.



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