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[ # ] WTF CNN wants Chris Rock to host a nightly show?
April 13th, 2011 under TV News

Is anyone surprised that CNN wants to replace the boring John King, who is as exciting as white bread? But what is surprising is that the NY Post is reporting that they want to replace him with Chris Rock. You know the comedian who played a guy running for President in Head of State, so I guess that makes him qualified for the role, I mean as anchor of a nightly show on the network that was once known as the “Most trusted name in news.” If they do hire him, they can totally get rid of that slogan. Actually once they hired Piers Morgan, they should’ve gotten rid of it. Actually it was even before then. In fact I can’t even remember when they were the most trusted name because I stopped trusting them along time ago.
Now back to Rock, it isn’t that I don’t like him, it’s just I don’t think he has any qualifications for the job. And you would think CNN would’ve learned their lesson from when they hired DL Hughley to host a show. Remember how well that show did? It didn’t..



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