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[ # ] ALF is trouble for having a dirty dirty mouth
December 28th, 2010 under 80s

ALF was a family show that was, to be honest, really stupid but funny because if it. It wasn’t a show that was meant to be taken seriously and now thanks to these uncensored bloopers that were posted on YouTube, we are seeing that the actors didn’t take the show seriously either. But that is not why they are causing a stir, it is because the man that voiced the Alien Life Form was heard cursing and using the N-word when the show mocked an episode of LA Law where a character had Tourette’s.
I love bloopers, but to be honest these weren’t funny because I thought there was a lot of hate coming from Paul Fusco. I guess that is what ALF was suppose to be like off of camera, but that was not the cat eating fur ball I loved…:(
Now I am afraid to see the bloopers from Small Wonder, I wonder what Vicki said when she thought the cameras weren’t rolling?



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