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[ # ] The Doctors’ Lisa Masterson leaves Craig Ferguson speechless!
November 23rd, 2010 under Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson is the Late King of innuendos, but even he couldn’t handle The Doctors’ Lisa Masterson when she openly talked about sex and masturbation with him on The Late Late Show. I loved seeing the not-so-shy host get all flustered as he talked to the gynecologist. I love his reaction when he finds out that a man can break his penis. I guess he missed that episode of The Drew Carey Show, you know the show he was on before he had his own late night show.
Make sure to watch the whole interview because Craig finally gets to one up her at the end and do one of his famous innuendos!
I hope that she is back on the show again real soon! But until then watch Craig weeknights on CBS at 12:37a and see what no so clean things come out of his dirty mouth!!!



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