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[ # ] Someone buy Alex O’Loughlin a razor and a comb ASAP
June 13th, 2010 under Moonlight

Alex O’Loughlin is weeks away from filming his new CBS show Hawaii 5-0 and it looks like he isn’t going to shave until he has to go in front of the camera. At least I hope he grew the beard for fun and not for his new role. I mean understand he is in-between shows, but the facial hair is so not working for him and neither is that hairdo. And don’t get me started on those shoes with that suit.
Don’t get me wrong I still think he is cute, but I am just not liking this new look. At least I can watch his old one on Saturdays as CBS finally airs the unaired episodes of Three Rivers. I still think they should have given that show and Moonlight more of chance.



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