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[ # ] Retro: Justin Bieber without his infamous hair
May 23rd, 2010 under Justin Bieber

Before Justin Bieber was known for his hair, he barely had any in this video of his mom filming him singing Brian McKnight’s Back at One in the bathroom. Good thing he decided to grow his hair out because I don’t think he would be the international sensation that he is now with whatever hairstyle he had back then. That look so doesn’t work for him. Seriously what is up with the etchings?
I am not sure how old he is in the video, but considering it was posted in 2007, I am assuming he was 13. And for those of you have seen this before, I haven’t and Justin Bieber was the one who Tweeted it making what is old, new again. Oh and I might not like his hair in that video, but he Tweeted this with the video, “FLASHBACK to one of my best haircuts and brushing teeth sessions. haha – “



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