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[ # ] You don’t have to be in witness protection to watch In Plain Sight tonight!
March 31st, 2010 under USA Network

In Plain Sight is back on USA tonight at 10p and it is an action packed episode and I am sure the season will be equally as exciting! The show picks up a few weeks after the season finale and we find out what happened to Mary and the people in her life while they waited for her to recover. Is Mary OK and what long term effects will she suffer from the shooting? Marshall has been trying to find the guy who shot her, will he find him and what will he do to him if he finds him? Did Mary’s family survive without her and what did they do to her house while she was gone? These questions will be answered, plus Marshall and Mary try to protect Donnie Wahlberg and his family who are not doing to well in witness protection. The NKOTB singer does a great job in this episode and whenever I see him act, I wonder if he chose the wrong career path.
In Plain Sight is one of the few original shows on TV plus the cast have great chemistry together, so whether you have been watching since day one or tonight will be your first episode, check it out tonight and every Wednesday at 10p on USA. I promise you will love this show as much as I do!



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