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February 19th, 2010 under Arrested

Brian Bonsall was arrested again in Colorado, this time the Family Ties star was busted on “accusations that he violated the conditions of his bond by testing positive for marijuana.” according to The Daily Camera. The paper added that the District attorney said that Bonsall had several diluted urine tests before the one on February 15th came back positive. They added that The DA said he said he ha applied for a medical marijuana license because he needs pot to relieve his headaches, but as of now they don’t know if he was approved or denied. Either way his bond said he was not allowed to use drugs, so the judge revoked his bond and he is currently being held on a $10,000 bond after the hearing.
Bonsall is facing charges from back in December when he was accused of hitting a friend with a stool and also for failing to show up to court on charges in connection to allegedly assaulting his girlfriend back in 2007 and that is why this was considered a violation of his parole. Bonsall plead not guilty today.
So sad that someone with such a bright future wound up like this.



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