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[ # ] Another trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine!!!
February 10th, 2010 under John Cusack

With every new trailer MGM releases for Hot Tub Time Machine, the more excited I get to see this totally awesome movie! HTTM looks like The Hangover for 2010 as in the movie that will have you laughing from beginning to the end and leave you talking about it for years to come! Just watch the trailer and tell me I am not the only who can’t wait until March 26th to see Hot Tub Time Machine!


  • matthew joynes

    – this looks like DVD bin at best!! what a shame MGM in such a state all the execs should be fired and they made it for 32 million USD what a waste of money looks like some exec was making a happy cushion to land on –
    whoops this is a big miss – embarrassing to watch- the trailer was cringing!


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