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[ # ] Kitchen Nightmares gets cooking again on Fox!
January 29th, 2010 under Fox

Kitchen Nightmares is back for a third season tonight on Fox at 9p and I can’t wait to dine at this season’s restaurants via the boob tube. I have to admit I never got in to Hell’s Kitchen, but I love what Gordon Ramsey does with Kitchen Nightmares. He goes into these restaurants that desperately need his help and he saves them from the brink of closure. He is tough as nails when he first gets there, but you understand he is only doing it to help them out. Once he sees they really care about their businesses he becomes their teacher and savior.
On tonight’s episode he goes to Philly and helps two sisters. a sister-in-law and niece try to save their place The Hot Potato, but when none of them seem to care if the business stays opens or closes he walks out. When the women beg him to come back, he decides to give them a second chance. Were they sincere when they told him they want to keep restaurant or were they just saying it to get him back? Tune into to Fox at 9p to find out.



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