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[ # ] Craig Ferguson’s hysterical spin on NBC’s Late Night revamp!!!
January 11th, 2010 under Craig Ferguson

(The top one starts at 3:13)

As we all know yesterday NBC announced that they are revamping their late night schedule after the Olympics and tonight on CBS at 12:37a Craig Ferguson (whose show is still on at the same time…for the time being) addressed those changes in The Late Late Show monologue. Only Craig could take this weekend’s news and spin it like this…

“It was really awkward this weekend at the Late Night Host Clubhouse. You know we all live together in a big house, it’s like on “ Jersey Shore. I share a bunk bed with Jimmy Fallon. He is farty, but it is okay because he’s on the bottom bunk right now. We switched a while back. David Letterman is king of the household. He gets his own room. No one knows what goes on in there, except his lawyers & the FBI. The NBC wing is very confusing: Jay Leno used to have his own room, now he is back to sharing with Conan. And Carson Daly doesn’t get a room at all, he sits in a corner in the kitchen saying, (rocking) “TRL… TRL…”

He then went on to do something his boss (David Letterman) is known for doing, he bashed NBC.

“The truth is though I have to be honest about this. This is not Jay Leno’s fault. And it is not Conan O’Brien’s fault. Let’s just call it what it is. This whole mess is a direct result of atrocious management by a once great American network. The networks just do not treat late night shows with respect. For example, this morning my caviar was supposed to get here at 10:00 am. And it did not get here until 10:05, which completely ruined my massage. What I am saying, I think is, it is a bunch of middle age white guys arguing over who gets “X” million dollars, who gives a f*#%”

While NBC announced that their late night is in major flux, CBS told the critics on Saturday that Craig is close to resigning with them. But I heard a rumor that he was getting a new timeslot…joking!
BTW here is what Jay Leno had to say about his cancellation. I guess Jay didn’t take it as professionally as NBC told us he did yesterday.

UPDATE: Conan O’Brien also had some comments about the change and maybe he should be demotedmore often because he hilarious when he is bitter!!!

UPDATE: George Lopez also talked about the late night changes NBC’s now that he is hosting late night show and who ever would’ve thought when he launched Lopez Tonight that he would still be airing at the same time slot on TBS while Jay and Conan wouldn’t?



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