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[ # ] The Jay Leno Show officially cancelled at 10p as of Feb 12th
January 10th, 2010 under NBC

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Today was the day that the NBC execs faced the media for the first time since the Jay Leno cancellation rumors started and they came out prepared. As soon as it started Jeff Gaspin confirmed that officially on Feb 12th The Jay Leno Show is done at 10p. NBC wants to keep all three hosts, but as of now there is no done deal. The plan as of now is to have Jay Leno on 11:35p, Conan O’Brien at 12:05a and Jimmy Fallon at 1:05a.
Here are notes explaining the decision and some other notes.

The Leno decision was not because of the network but because of the affils
The affils said in November they lost viewers for the daily newscasts at 11p and some of them went from 1 to 3 in their markets and they started complaining and threatening preemption. Leno was doing OK for NBC, but not for the affils. The stressed this was not an issue for the NBC but the affils.
The goal is to keep Conan with NBC.
It was working financially for NBC because they were making money at 10p. Jeff Gaspin thought it was going to do better if it had more time.
There is a lot to choose from at 10p now. There was just so much to watch at 10p and because it was something that was easy viewing they opted not to watch.
Friday Night Lights is avail at March 1st and the have eps for Law & Order: CI from last season to possibly fill.
All three hosts handled the news like professionals.
NBC is going back to basics when it comes to programming.
NBC lost 30% of their audience with Leno. All three nets lost viewers this season.
Research said that it had a chance of making it, but it didn’t happen.
NBC says they weren’t wrong, but maybe too early and that is why
Heroes could be back and they are pitching what they could be doing next season if it gets picked up. Howie Madel is replacing David Hasselhoff on America’s Got Talent. When I asked Jerff Gasp about Heroes he said that David Hasselhoff is the latest Hero.
They loved Southland, but it just wasn’t for them and it will do better on cable.
They are working on a LA version of Law and Order nicknamed Lola! LOL!
There is not one person to blame for the mistake.
Carson Daly does not have a slot as of now because at 2:05a going back to the affils. He will remain with NBC but how we don’t know.

What a fun morning and I respect Jeff Gaspin for having the balls to face a room packed of hungry journalists on the biggest story of press tour.



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