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[ # ] Are you freaking kidding me? A small plane crashes into Desperate Housewives
November 30th, 2009 under Desperate Housewives

So for months ABC has been teasing us that a plane was going to crash down on to Wisteria Lane and yesterday we got out first glimpse of the crash that is rumored to kill 5 characters on Desperate Housewives during Sunday’s episode. After seeing that little tiny plane, I am completely disappointed with ABC and Marc Cherry for telling us something big is going to happen and that is all we are getting. At one point there were rumors it was going to be an Oceanic Airlines plane and all we are getting is a puddle hopper. C’mon if you are going to have a plane crash, make it a freaking plane. I guess now we know why it is airing outside of November sweeps because if it were big were big they wouldn’t being airing it in December.
Now when it comes to who is going to die, I think they set the fan favorite up to be a jerk yesterday so we wouldn’t be so upset that he perishes. I also think that ABC and DH will be evil enough to have the crash come at the end of the show and we will have to wait until January to find out who died. If they do that, that is messed up because the show has been such crap this season that they should respect us loyal viewers and not leave us with a cliffhanger like that.
BTW am I the only who feels jipped that it is only a small plane that is causing so much havoc on the show?



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