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November 24th, 2009 under Dancing with the Stars

Ya-freaking-hoo! For the first time in 6 seasons someone with a personality and someone we heard of before they danced on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars actually won the mirror ball trophy! I love Donny Osmond and I am so happy he won! He deserved it, plus he gets to rub his sister’s face in it! You know that is eating her up inside! And you know he will remind her of the fact that he won and she lost at every one of their Vegas performances. And you know what he deserves to! But saying all of that, you know it will all be in good fun between the two siblings!!!
Seriously how freaking great is it that he won! He will be 52 on December 9th and his age didn’t stop him from competing with other celebrities that were half his age! I admire him for that and also for the great job he did his whole time on the show! I am also so excited that Kym Johnson finally got an American mirror ball trophy to go with her Australian one! Personally I think her win is long overdue, she should’ve won her first one with either Jerry Springer or Joey Fatone. That freestyle she did with Joey was one of the best ever on DWTS!!! Way to go Donny and Kym!!!
Also way to go for Kelly Osbourne! You were the most improved and a joy to watch! She won over a whole new fan base and I hope we see more of her! Even though she was on the DWTS diet and there is a whole lot less of her!
Now back to Donny Osmond he will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight at 12:05a on ABC to discuss winning! He is not the only winner on JKL tonight because Jimmy Kimmel bet a $1,000 on him before Dancing started the season and now he is $7,000 richer because Donny danced his way to the title! It is a good thing that Donny won because some of the competitors that Jimmy bet on that lost had the sh!t beat out of them and were either never heard of again or were hospitalized for several months.
BTW when it was announced who won, Jimmy Kimmel was in the control room prepping for the show and when they said Donny won everyone in the control room cheered and the audience went wild! Everyone is happy when a good guy wins and Donny really is one!!!

UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel revealed on the show that he has always been obsessed with Donny Osmond even when he was little girl!



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