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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel puts Melissa Joan Hart in her place!!!
October 28th, 2009 under Jimmy Kimmel, Melissa Joan Hart

(starts at :56 in)

Last night Dancing with the Stars loser Melissa Joan Hart was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about finally being eliminated from the show.
So Jimmy Kimmel asked her, “At any point during the competition did you consider using witchcraft to help you?”
She bitchily said, “Whoa, hold on. That joke is like 1996, I think so…”
So he brilliantly responded without hesitation, “Yeah, but you know what, so are you. To be honest!!!” My hat is so f*cking off to him for putting her in place like that!!! She deserved that! Clap clap!!! And a snap snap!!!
I think that part of the reason why she was eliminated off of Dancing with the Stars is she never came off as likable. It never felt like she put that much effort into the show and dancing and she always seemed that she was standoffish to me. I never found a reason to vote for her and she was actually one of the names we heard of. Probably because she was one in 1996!!!
Seriously it is sh!t like that that makes me love Jimmy Kimmel! So check him tonight and every night on ABC at 12:05a and I will be there tomorrow to watch Rod Stewart hopefully perform on the show!!!

UPDATE: For all of you Twilight fans on November 20th Robbert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will all be on the show the same day New Moon comes out. I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel knew when he hired Kristen’s father all those years ago that it would come back to really help him with this amazing get!



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