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July 12th, 2009 under NBC, Reviews

Meteor is crashing in to NBC tonight at 9p and you want to be there to watch this 2 Sunday night 4 hour event! Meteor is an action packed suspenseful 4 hour event that also has heart. I am sucker for disaster movies, and I really loved this one. It really is a thrill ride, that you don’t want to end but it has to because otherwise it would be the end of the world.
Meteor starts off tonight with comet crashing into one of the largest Asteroids, Kassandra sending her straight towards us. Christopher Lloyd and Marla Sokoloff are in Mexico and they have the coordinates that can stop her, but they have to get from there to JPL where the meteor specialists are meeting to help stop Kassandra. As they travel north they will deal loss signals, cars dying and death all while pieces of Kassandra are coming down around them and the world. Meanwhile back at JPL they are trying to stop the incoming smaller rocks while waiting trying to figure out when is the best time to hit Kassandra without the help of the two scientists who can stop it. Jason Alexander is at JPL mapping out the best plan and he is great in this dramatic role.
Outside of JPL there is a small town that was one of the first places hit by meteor rock and through this town we see how people deal with this disaster. We see the good, the bad and the ugly come out as they face impending doom. Stacy Keach is great as the town sheriff trying to keep his town together as they lose it. There are few scenes with him that really touched me because it was great to see the people help each other through the crisis. Also in this town is a family that trying to make it through. The mom is a doctor who has to try to save all the people that have been injured by the rocks including a school bus full of kids that included her son. When a meteor strikes the hospital and it falls down around them they are trapped inside but apart from each other because of debris. Her husband and a firefighter risk all to get them out. Kenneth Mitchell plays the dad and he is used to playing end of the world roles after starring in Jericho and he is just as good in this role!
The one storyline I was not in love with is the one where Billy Campbell is a cop who tries to get his crocked ex-partner to turn himself in, but instead of going to jail he plans to hurt the people closest to Billy, his daughter and his dad the town sheriff of that small town, Stacy Keach. Although I didn’t care that much for this part of the movie it all fits together by the end of the movie.
Tune into the beginning of Meteor at 9p on NBC for a movie that will really make an impact!!! And make sure to set your Tivos for next week to see how it all ends because you are not going to want to miss that.



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