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[ # ] Can Gooby be the worst movie ever made?
June 23rd, 2009 under Razzies movies?

Pajiba discovered the trailer for Gooby and I am so glad that they did because I think they found what could be one of the worst movies ever made. I love bad movies, but that is beyond bad. I mean how low budget was the movie that was the best costume they came up with for Gooby? That teddy bear outfit looks so cheap, I have seen Halloween costumes look more realistic than that. And poor David James Elliott, is that where his career is going these days? From JAG to Crap?
But saying all of that, I actually really want to see that movie when it comes out on DVD on August 11th. Is that wrong?
BTW here the trailer getting the horror treatment, and I think it works so much better.



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