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February 4th, 2009 under Dancing with the Stars

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Life & Style is saying that earlier rumored "stars" Denise Richards and Steve-O are confirmed for Dancing with the Stars 8. While InTouch Weekly is saying Jewel, who is the wife of a rumored contestant that didn't happen last season is confirmed for this season. If those are the names that the ABC show booked, I think I got 3 hours a week of my life back.
Seriously Steve-O? The Jacka$$ will be the first one eliminated, so why even bother? Jewel shouldn't she be hosting Nashville Star or something so we don't have to look at her teeth? And Denise Richards she will be the pretty girl with no personality that the Judges will love and the rest of us will be like yawner.
I really hope the names are way better when ABC announces them during their primetime lineup on Sunday from 8-11p.


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