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[ # ] The Nanny Express premieres tonight at 9p!
January 3rd, 2009 under Hallmark, Reviews

By the time Kate Hewitt (Vanessa Marcil) walks through the front door of widower David Chandler (Brennan Elliott), he is a desperate man. His two children, nine-year-old Ben (Uriah Shelton) and teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss), have already succeeded in chasing a string of six terrorized nannies out of the very same entryway. But Kate, who is caring for an ailing father (Dean Stockwell) and finishing up a teaching degree, needs this job and she resolves to stand up to whatever tricks and pranks the Chandler kids can dish out—and to help them cope with the death of their mother.
As Kate slowly wins over young Ben, dad David finds himself falling for the spunky nanny as well. The feeling is mutual, but a bitter Emily is determined not to let Kate into her life—or her father’s. Emily doesn’t realize that Kate understands exactly what she’s going through because Kate lost her own mother as a teenager. Somehow, Kate must find a way to reach the angry and isolated teen since Emily’s happiness—and Kate’s as well—depends on it.

The Nanny Express is a cute story about a woman who is taking care of her sick father takes on a job as a nanny to two kids who recently lost their mother. The kids do not want a nanny and they terrorize them as much as they can, wait until you see what they do to Kate. Eventually Kate starts to befriend the son and more than befriend the dad, but Emily is not ready to let any woman in to her dad’s life. Will Emily eventually be willing to late Kate in or will it be too late and Kate will be out of their lives forever. Tune in to find out.
Also there is another romantic story within this movie about a bus driver, played by the suave Peter Dobson, who has a crush on Kate’s friend who doesn’t seem interested him. Will he be able to win her heart driving Kate and her friend around or will he rides be a lonely one. Personally I wish Hallmark would give this plot its own movie because I really loved it and wanted more!!!
Vanessa Marcil is great the nanny who is not going to let the kids she is taking care of get her down. I also loved the kids play by Uriah and Emily who I bet had a lot of fun making some of the scenes of the movie! It was also nice to see Dean Stockwell and Stacy Keach back on TV! All in all it was a fun innocent movie!
So let The Nanny Express take care you tonight on Hallmark at 9p!!!



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