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Kelly Clarkson cancels her tour due to poor sales
June 14th, 2007 under American Idol 1-5, Concerts/Tours. [ Comments: none ]

Kelly Clarkson is just not having good luck with this new album. First Clive Davis and her argued over the content of the album then the release date with her winning on both fronts. Yesterday she fired her manager and recently switched publicists too. Today she announced that she was postponing it because she said it was too early to tour with the new album, but her new publicist told a different story. He released a press release that had the following quotes:
“It is mind blowing when you stop to think about what Kelly Clarkson has achieved during her young career,” said Michael Rapino, CEO of  LiveNation.  “But ticket sales have not been what we anticipated and we came to the realization that we had bit off more than we could chew.  In the end, we are in the Kelly Clarkson business and for that reason we believe that this decision will only benefit her and her fans in the long run.” 
“Kelly is a spectacular artist and an incredible performer who undoubtedly has what it takes to sustain a long and prosperous career,” added Gregg Perloff, CEO of Another Planet Entertainment.  “The day when she will play in sold-out arenas is, no doubt, coming, but for now her fans should look forward to seeing her in a more intimate concert environment.  Kelly deserves a tremendous amount of praise for her courage in not only being a part of, but in supporting, this difficult decision.”
I am shocked she isn't selling because she seems to have such a loyal fan base, but then again concert sales are down in general. I think the big reason sales are down because between ticket prices being too high and TicketMaster charging around a $20 surcharge plus parking at the arena, it is just way too expensive to see a show. It is sad that I thought The Police were cheap and those tickets went for around $270 when the costs were calculated together and I am still not going to see that mother fing band because there were no tickets to be…can you tell how bitter I am that The Police turned out to be a total corporate like affair. But back to Kelly hopefully she will do her tour in a much more intimate setting because that is the best way to see a show. 

Jon Lovitz makes a life long commitment to the Laugh Factory
May 31st, 2007 under Concerts/Tours, Jon Lovitz. [ Comments: none ]

The Laugh Factory announced yesterday that Jon Lovitz will play at the Laugh Factory every Wednesday for the rest of his life. Jamie Masada said, "Or, if he's in New York to do a movie or something, he can appear at the Laugh Factory there. But he's committed to every Wednesday night." What if he is sick? Or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? Or if Christmas falls on a Wednesday? Or Yom Kippur? Or he is 100 years old? Well Masada made him a deal for just that, "His contract is very lucrative. If he lives to be 100 years old, I'll owe him part of the club." That means he has to do every Wednesday for the next 51 years in order to get part of the club. That deal does not sound that good to me, but then again I am sure Lovitz loves the guaranteed work. 

(photo from Jon Lovitz's MySpace


Lily Allen confirms her tour is cancelled
April 16th, 2007 under Concerts/Tours, Lily Allen. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from Celeb Warship

Cancelled Tour
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Hey Guys ,
I'm writing to tell you that I have cancelled many of my May and June tour commitments in America . The reason for this , is because my mummy and daddy are very rich , and I have never been in a position where i have actually had to do any hard work before . I thought that being a popstar meant going out getting trashed with famous people and sleeping in all day . The fact that this is not true has come as a huge dissapiontment to me , and as a result I am throwing the towel in .

No but seriously , I have been on tour with this album for a year now , I have fulfilled every commitment up to this point . I am tired , but more than that I don't think I have been giving my best performances recently . I have been getting really drunk because i've been so nervous about doing bad shows , and I don't want people spending money on a going to see a show that isnt the best it could be . I am not falling apart at the seems , I am not suffering with exhaustion , I am not pregnant , and I am not going to rehab . I will be here in America , promoting the album and also starting to write the second album , which I am beyond excited about . The LA and New York shows will still be happening , and I am still playing Coachella and Bonaroo and all the other festivals .

I'd like to apologise to anyone who has bought tickets , but you can get your money back , if you take 'em back to the place you bought them from .

Lily Allen's MySpace Blog

I wonder if part of the reason she canceled the tour is because she has not been as well received in The States as she has been overseas?


Fall Out Boy postpone their tour for personal reasons
April 7th, 2007 under Concerts/Tours, Fall Out Boy/ Ashlee Simpson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Fall Out Boy were forced to postpone the first few weeks of their tour because of personal reasons. The reason why was not immediately disclosed. Pete Wentz “Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, we are planning on this being the biggest and best Fall Out Boy show that we could possibly have. Unfortunately, because of some personal issues we had to delay the tour a few weeks. We want to put on the best possible show we can and know that this extra couple of weeks will give us the time to put ourselves in the right place to put on the best show we can. The shows from the earlier part of the tour will be rescheduled to the end but all tickets will be honored for all moved shows. Again we apologize. Our fans really mean the world to us and I promise the wait will be well worth it.”
The Honda Civic Tour begins in Denver on May 11th. All but the Sacramento date were able to be rescheduled for the end of the tour. To see where and when they are playing, you can check out the new tour dates at Fall Out Boy’s MySpace Page.


Roger Daltrey walks off the stage after one song.
March 14th, 2007 under Concerts/Tours. [ Comments: none ]


The Who and Roger Daltrey were playing their first song at The Tampa Ampitheater last night when Roger Daltrey just walked off the stage. After several minutes of an empty stage Pete Townsend came out and said that the show was canceled. He told the audience, "I just talked to Roger and he can barely speak. I tried to get him to come out here, but he's really, really sick." According to AAP the crowd cheered when Townsend then announced the show was rescheduled for March 25th. I understand why he did what he did, but I would be p!ssed if I were at that show.


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