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September 30th, 2007 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

Guess who has a book called Nipples? – Dlisted
Michael Jackson married? – Celebitchy
An Eva Longoria sex tape? – Gabby Babble
P Diddy is such the Diva – Pop On The Pop
Did Hilary Duff get a boob job? – Ninja Dude
Celebrity facial features mashed up – CityRag
Another Britney Spears upskirt – The Bastardly
Paris Hilton's new man is hot – The Rad Report
Who would dare fire Angelina Jolie? – The Blemish
Milla Jovovich really put on the baby weight – TJ
Hilary Duff's new boyfriend looks like Joel Madden – CW

Jennifer Garner opens up to Martha Stewart – Popbytes
Who doesn't like people to watch them pee? – Holy Moly!
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden set a date – Allie is Wired

Rumer Willis channels The Outsiders Pony Boy – GlamScene
Rhiana's dress barely holds her on – Jordan is Your Homeboy
How many fugly dresses can J-Lo wear in one show? – ICYDK
What does the winner of Rock of Love think about Bret? – VH1 Blog
Guess who is a Pussycat Doll? – Hollywood Backwash

Is Mel Gibson drinking again?
September 30th, 2007 under Mel Gibson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Mel Gibson was caught out having fun in Bali bar according to The Sun. A witness told the paper in an interview:
Resident Diana Shearin said: “I thought, ‘Holy Cocktail — it’s Mel Gibson!

“Within seconds he was the centre of attention, surrounded by gorgeous young women.

“He was laughing and seemed to be having the time of his life.

“He was very congenial actually, but he looked like he had been partying hard — nothing like the suave, smooth-looking dude you see in the movies. His minders weren’t keen on anyone taking pictures.”

Sounds like and looks like he is back to his old ways, you know the ones that made him a household name again in a bad way.  

How American Dad spent its summer vacation!
September 30th, 2007 under Fox, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

The last of Fox Sundays Night: The Wildest Shows on Earth shows premieres tonight on Fox at 9:30p. American Dad is back for its third season and we see how The Smiths spent their summer vacation! 
The Smiths seem to have the perfect family vacation, seem to because the vacations are induced by some green goo that Stan brought home from work. So when Francine finds out about the goo she insists the family have a real vacation. After several failed attempts she finally gets her wish and of course everything goes wrong!
So tune into American Dad at 9:30p to see how they spent their summer vacation and be prepared to laugh your a$$ off!!!
And hey if you are tuning into Fox at 9:30p. you might as well check the other amazing animated shows on Fox Sundays! The Simpsons at 8p, King of the Hill at 8:30p and Family Guy at 9p and finally American Dad at 9:30p!!!

Brotherhood is back with the Showtime family tonight at 10p!
September 30th, 2007 under Reviews, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Brotherhood is back for its second season tonight at 10p on Showtime. The family is moving on from last season. Michael is slowing get back to where he was before the head injury. He is also trying to get his place back in the underworld kingpin and he is asking Declan to help him find out who beat him up. Tommy and Eileen are dealing with the fact the he knows about what she does in her free time and he still can't handle it. Lila their daughter is feeling it and wait until she what she does to get her out frustration. Rose is being screwed at work, but don't worry she can handle it!  By the end of the first episode Michael is back to where he was and I can't wait to see how seeks out revenge! 
For those of you missing Sopranos, this show is good fix! Switch over from HBO and find about the amazing shows on Showtime that you have been missing! So start out with Botherhood tonight at 10p and Dexter at 9p!

Dexter is back for blood on Showtime tonight at 9p!
September 30th, 2007 under Reviews, Showtime. [ Comments: 1 ]

Dexter is finally back for season 2 on Showtime at 9p! The show that became the most talked about show is back for more blood and just like a Vampire I needed my blood fix! Dexter (Michael C Hall) is back and did killing his brother change for him? Doakes has made Dexter his number one case, how will that effect Dexter’s killing schedule? Debra is slowly dealing with the fact that her fiancee tried to slice her up and getting back to work. Rita is dealing with her husband being in jail something that will change in the second episode… All this and so much more is coming up in the second season of Dexter! Oh and did I mention that at the end of the first episode they find something of Dexter’s that he was hoping they would never find… That find is going to effect Dexter and the whole second season!
So tune into Dexter tonight at 9p on Showtime! BTW if you never saw the first season of Dexter, no worries there is a great catch up segment on the beginning of the show! And you don’t want to miss this gem!
On another note, if you love the music of Dexter as much as I do you can purchase the soundtrack at the Dexter store on Showtime!!!!


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