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[ # ] Dang you CBS…Moonlight cancelled
May 13th, 2008 under Moonlight

Michael Ausiello is reporting that evil CBS has cancelled my favorite new show of the season Moonlight. Rumor has it CBS is replacing the show with the older-skewing The Unit. A show that so doesn't go with Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs and will totally bomb in that timeslot.
UPDATE: According to Nikki Finke, CBS wants nothing more to do with Moonlight whatsoever. So let's hope another network picks up this amazing show.
Why I despise CBS, each season I fall in love with a show on their network and every year they cancel it. I am switching off of CBS.
UPDATE 2: Donate your blood for Moonlight ASAP to help get the show over to The CW on Sundays. Nikki Finke is reporting that there is a slight chance that Media Rights Capital who took over The CW Sunday nights might be interested in picking up the show as one of their two hours. So if we run out and donate blood and make a loud noise now we can possibly have Moonlight back in the fall!!!
UPDATE 3: Call 323-651-0255 and ask for Moonight now and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and tell then you want Moonlight! Whether you watch the show or not it is our way of sticking it to the networks!!! xoxo Ashley!

  • Lexi

    So Moonlight is cancelled for good??? I love it! and now all i have is one season :(!! I hate CBS!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great idea of that donating thing xD maybe I answered a bit late….

    In my opinion it’s not right to cancel Moonlight.
    Why does such a great series? All people I asked told me, that Moonlight was a way better than the popular film Twilight. Million of people liked this show, not only the americans…german, british, french and a lot more. They looked forward to see this show with its great actors.They wanted to know how the story went on.
    Maybe one can think, that the end of the first season can be seen as an end for the whole series too, but I don’t think so. It can’t end like this. That’s not fair. When you cancel the series, than please write a book or something, so that the loyal viewers know how it really ends. If it’s because of money, than please be so fair and honorable and write the story down, so we can read it.
    Shouldn’t it be a honor for the person, who had the idea for the story, that so many people liked it?
    Maybe this writing of me will never reach those who are supposed to read it. But perhaps there is a chance, that one day there will be someone who find this letter of me and thinks about how to thank all those loyal viewers. Because even though the show is canceled, there are still people who watch it…and like it.
    I know that my letter might not help to get the show back but I had to try it at least, Because I don’t know what someone like me can do.
    I don’t know if it will be helpful, but if you, who read this text, want the show to go on, you could copie it and post it in forums and so one, than maybe someone will really see it, how we all worked together to get Moonlight, that we love, back!

    written by L.F.
    wednesday, 22th.september.2010

  • moonlightfan

    The reason moonlight was cancelled was because CBS didn’t think vampires would come back into style then Twilight came along and vampires became popular. CBS attempted to by the show after this happened for the second season but the actors had supposebly “Moved On” i propose a message to all of the actors from moonlight, COME BACK AND BRING BACK MOONLIGHT. I hate CBS for missing the oppertunity to keep Moonlight and the’re stupid for not sticking with an awesome show. But if all the fans really want it back we need to send messages to the actors aswell as the brodcasting stations.

  • moonlightlover

    moonlightfan, i wish you were accurate in thinking that writing to the actors asking them to campaign for moonlight’s return would work. but you have to consider that the actors have all completely moved on. for example, alex o’loughlin has already been in at least one movie and several failed tv shows, and is now currently the lead role in the biggest new series of the just ended fall season, hawaii five-o. even though us die hard fans everywhere would love for it to be back, its just too late, and its been too long for even a mass effort to bring it back. ='[ plus, a revamp (no pun intended) this late in time probably would do the first season no justice at all, and would be cancelled soon anyway.

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