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[ # ] Britney Spears braless in a see-thru white t-shirt
January 23rd, 2008 under Britney Spears

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Can I tell you guys it is raining and it is really cold here in LA (for us) that I don't know how Britney Spears can just go out in a T-Shirt like that.
Now when it comes to her being braless in see-thru shirt that I have grown to expect that from her.

  • mary D.R

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    Banish the Bra?
    No longer just hidden under shirts, Victoria’s Secret brought the bra out into the open, making it a real fashion statement.
    But could a woman’s bra actually be dangerous to her health?
    “Our research has shown that the bras issue, we believe is the leading cause of breast cancer”, said Sydney Ross Singer, who wrote a book about what he believes is a link between breast cancer and bras.
    “In fact to look at breast disease and ignore bras is like looking at foot disease and ignoring tight shoes,” said Singer.
    Singer’s center conducted a study involving five thousand American women, half had breast cancer.
    They looked at past behavior, including how tight the bras were and how long the women wore them. Here’s what they found:
    Women who wore a bra for 24 hours a day, had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer.
    If a bra is worn 12 hours a day, there was a 1 in 7 risk.
    And women who didn’t wear a bra had about the same rate of developing breast cancer as a man.
    “So what’s happening with the bra is that women are preventing the proper flushing of fluid and toxins out of their breasts,” said Singer.
    Singer claims a bra is too constricting, interfering with the body’s lymphatic system.
    This causes toxins to build up, eventually causing cancer.
    “If you get rid of the bra, your breasts will finally be able to flush out the fluid,” said Singer.
    But mainstream medical doctors dismiss the study.
    “There’s no evidence in any of the world research data that I’m aware of that supports the fact that breast cancer risk is increased by wearing a bra or a bra that’s too tight,” said Dr. Ermilo Barrera of the American Cancer Society.
    Dr. Barrera says women should get mammograms to reduce risk factors and not worry about their bras.
    “Watch their weight, exercise, drink only in moderation and don’t smoke,” said Doctor Hussein.
    Doctor Atif Hussein, Medical Director at the Memorial Cancer Institute calls the bra study interesting, but said, “it really is hard to tell you wearing the bra in itself was the contributing factor.”
    He says it’s not the bra, but the risk factors of the women who wear them that is the deciding factor.
    “Women who may be overweight tend to wear bras, therefore I would say the factors that contributed to those women wearing the bra contributed to their high risk rather than the bra itself,” said Doctor Hussein. He said the issue should be studied more.
    But despite criticism from the medical community, Singer is sticking to his mission saying, “there’s absolutely nothing good about bras, it’s completely a fashion accessory.”
    He is encouraging women to banish their bras for better health, saying, “We live in a culture where women feel insecure with a natural bust line, but if the price of fashion is disease, then you have to decide whether you want to participate in that or not.”
    Singer is now studying women who go bra-free to find out if they have lower rates of breast cancer.
    Sorboni Banerjee, 7News.
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  • mary D.R

    Mary D.R

    Today Monday. 19. 2008
    All type of bras. Medical healthiness, to go braless all the time.
    Bra is all about fashion wear, is a fashion disease bras. Women who go bra- free find out if they have lower rate of
    Breasts cancer and heart attack backbone.
    1960 the hippest poltergeist right to go braless a voice disapproval
    Once considered necessary undergarment bras are Just a Fashion statement
    Special cancer and heart attack backbone.
    TV 7 News mass, Also Google on the Web.
    This causes toxins to build up, eventually causing cancer and heart attack backbone. If you’re rid of wear a bra
    Is being the forerunner to go braless, all the three know law expression wear a bra. Young adulthood bras.
    Judgments go braless healthiness occasion your breasts will finally be able to flushed said singer.
    Mainstream medical doctors dismiss the study. You have to go braless all the time all bras are no good to wear.
    Women have risk of wear, available say way they are going braless
    Bra gives women heart attack backbone cancer. Women should get mammograms to reduce risk factors and
    Hippest issues five out about the government American cancer society they lieder about smoke cased of cancer at
    That time also, a bra wear. Give women bra cancer also like smoke give use cancer to all use that’s why the hippest
    When braless, all the time to help all women at that time, Doctor Medical director also takes memorial four cancer
    Cell study of risk bra wear. Medical say also sticking to the breasts mission saying there’s absolutely nothing good
    About bras, it’ completely the price of fashion disease, to be bra – free.
    There high risk rather than the bra itself ‘said Doctor Hussein, he said the issue should going braless all the time.
    Lest of wingman women breasts cancer. Live in a culture where women feel insecure with a breasts line
    Just go bra – free.
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    Apr 26th, 2011

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