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[ # ] NBC replaces Animal Practice with Sh!tney
October 18th, 2012 under NBC

NBC has decided to cancel Animal Practice and replace it with the why was it renewed Whitney starting on November 14th. Now Animal Practice might not have been the best new show of this weak fall, but I think everyone can agree that their trained monkey Crystal is a millions times funnier, prettier and a better actress than Whitney Cummings. Seriously just when I thought that NBC got their crap together, they do this. I think the TV viewers would rather have Community come back instead of Sh!tney. Unless that unfunny comedy is being aired now to burn it off, so they can air a drama in the 8p slot on Wednesdays.
And talking about midseason NBC will have at least one hole to fill on their Thursday nights when 30 Rock says goodbye soon. Especially since they also killed off the even unfunnier Next Caller. On a positive note I enjoyed 1600 Penn and think that show has potential, but is that enough to save the network’s Thursday nights? You know since Up All Night should be renamed Down in Overnights.
If I were NBC, I would rush a pilot order for a show starring Crystal the Monkey. She needs to be back on weekly TV and NBC needs her to have one.

UPDATE: Tyler Labine Tweeted this about the cancellation, “So long @AnimalPractice. It’s been a blast and a half. Nothing sadder than cleaning out yet another trailer:(” I can’t wait for him to get a successful show for once!


  • Daisy

    Whitney Cummings must have ridden more casting couches than one could shake a stick at because that show is unfunny, unoriginal, and she suuuuuuucks. How is it renewed.

    I’ve never watched Animal Practice so I can’t speak on its quality, but Whitney should have never seen the light of day let alone another season.

  • Xyz2

    This is sucky new. Was hoping Uncle Andy was gonna have success after Weeds…

  • JJGoode

    I’m sad that I’ll have to wait until Crystal the monkey grabs another role to see her shine. Kirk is capable of the lead, but a few friends that work with me at DISH thought that he didn’t fit a role like this—maybe because we still see him as Andy Botwin. I never even had to go out of my way to record the show. My Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-records it, along with the other PrimeTime shows on the big 4 channels. Maybe Kirk will find a better-fit role in time for next fall’s TV lineup. As for Crystal the monkey, her competition doesn’t really exist, right?

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