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[ # ] Oscar host Eddie Murphy is Hollywood’s 2nd Most Overpaid Star!
November 3rd, 2011 under Eddie Murphy

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For the next few days Drew Barrymore is Hollywood’s Most Overpaid star according to Forbes. I say for the next few days because #2 on the list is Eddie Murphy and once the weekend box office numbers are in for Tower Heist, he will knock her out of the top spot. Does anyone expect that movie to do well? Well besides the Academy that put all their trust in Brett Ratner who hired Murphy to host the Oscars next year.
So who else made the list? Next up is Will Ferrell who held the #1 spot for the last two years. After him it is RomCom dud and the first Oscar winner on the list Reese Witherspoon and she is followed by another few Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Nicolas Cage. The three are followed by two sort of funny men, Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn. The list concludes with a divorced couple, Nicole Kidman can be happy that her ex-husband Tom Cruise is more costly than she is.
When it comes to the top 10 when will Hollywood stop paying these people to stop making sh!tty movies that bomb? Well everyone on that list besides Adam Sandler, I like his movies. Although that might change after I see Jack and Jill.
And I can’t believe Ben Stiller isn’t on that list, hopefully next year.


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