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Ellen Pompeo wipes out!
July 5th, 2016 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Ellen Pompeo (@ellenpompeo) on

Ellen Pompeo plays a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy and she might need a real one due to what another actor, who plays a doctor on that TV Primetime Soap, did to her. That’s because Jesse L Williams caused her to wipe out when he unsuspectingly pushed the paddleboard she was standing on. She claims it was retaliation for talking too much smack about him, but is it fair that he made her smack the water? Considering how cute she looked falling backwards and she wasn’t hurt, I say yes.
So the moral of the story is don’t talk bad about anyone who holds your life in balance. Or basically who is keeping you balanced. Unless you want to land on your a$$.


Kerry Washington’s news might not cause a Scandal
May 2nd, 2016 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

E! News is reporting that Kerry Washington is pregnant with her second child. How will this effect the upcoming season of Scandal, we don’t know just yet. Her last pregnancy cut the third season short, so it will be interesting to see if this pregnancy will delay the 6th one. Cause if you figure it out, she should still be pregnant when they are ready to shoot the new season around September. Will they send Olivia Pope away? Will they write her pregnancy into the show? Will they hide her growing belly behind purses and pillows? Will they continue to film over the summer like New Girl did? We don’t know, but it will be interesting to see what they will do.


Is Sara Ramirez being released from Grey’s Anatomy?
April 28th, 2016 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Sara Ramirez Tweeted, “That’s a wrap for Doctor #CallieTorres #Season13 #GreysAnatomy #ThankYou all for an enriching & unforgettable #Rollercoaster ride!” And now everyone wants to know if that means if she is leaving Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the this season.
I haven’t watched the show in a few years, but even I am upset about this news. She was one of the few likable characters left on the show. But on the bright side, it frees her up to do other things. She is so talented and she can do more than just that Medical Nighttime Soap Opera.
If she is gone from the show, will you miss her?


Ellen Pompeo shakes her McBoobies!
April 25th, 2016 under Ellen DeGeneres, Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

Ellen DeGeneres challenged Ellen Pompeo to a game of Heads Up on her show today and the Grey’s Anatomy star came up with an interesting way to act out her clue. When Meredith Grey got this one clue, she shook her money makers like she is a Wild’n’Crazy guy.
Is that what she was trying to get the other Ellen to guess it? Nope, not even close. She was acting out Jell-O shots. I didn’t get it either. But then again that is what I do when I have had one too many Jell-O shots. Anyone else craving some Jell-O and Vodka?


BTWF roles: Chandra Wilson on Sex and the City
March 17th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

Before Chandra Wilson was the Chief of Surgery on Grey’s Anatomy, she was a beat cop on Sex and the City. She looks the same now as she did when she was 32 in that 2002 episode.


BTWF roles: Eric Dane on Roseanne
December 29th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Before Eric Dane was a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, he was a bellhop on Roseanne. How cute was the 23 year old in that 1996 episode?


Eric Dane shares the sweetest photo!
December 29th, 2015 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Eric Dane shared a photo of his wife sleeping on his chest and how can you not swoon at their sweet loving moment. Well, maybe if you are Rebecca Gayheart and you realize that your husband just posted this photo of you. Other than that, that is what we all want.


Shonda Rhimes admits to killing off at least one actor she didn’t like
November 13th, 2015 under Comedy Central, Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder’s creator Shonda Rhimes was on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and the Comedy Central host asked her, “Have you ever killed off a character because you didn’t like the actor?” Then for extra points, he asked her to name names. Once she stopped laughing, she said, “Yes! And I am not naming names.” Since she said names, I am assuming it is more that one. Once you kill off one character, I guess it gets easier. So I am assuming Katherine Heigl was the first and then it got easier to kill off the likes off Chris Lowell, Tim Daly, Eric Dane, Columbus Short and Patrick Dempsey. Not saying she didn’t like all of them, but maybe that explains why they were suddenly 86ed?
I personally can’t watch her shows anymore. I find her shows to be over the top depressing and sadistic. It’s like how can we destroy one character’s life one week, and then keep making it worse every week after that. Like having a character addicted to drugs, her boyfriend dies of an overdose, she finds out she’s pregnant, the baby has no brain and she carries the baby to term to donate the organs. That is just one example, but what about Meredith Gray, who in her family hasn’t died. Oh yeah, the kids. How long until one of them gets a terminal disease or gets hit by a car or drowns or something? And what more can she do to Mellie? That is why I am done with her shows.
And now it seems like the truest Diva is not the actors, but the person in charge. I think that says a lot because Chuck Lorre has worked with a lot worse than Rhimes and he only killed off one troubled actor and for good reason. Just saying.
What do you think of her admitting to killing off an actor she didn’t like?


Ellen Pompeo thinks she’s the star of Grey’s Anatomy
September 4th, 2015 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ellen Pompeo sat down with Entertainment Weekly, and they talked to her about the backlash of killing off McDreamy and people saying the show cannot go on without him. She told the magazine, “Let’s keep it really real for a second and say this is really difficult for my ego.” Then she added, “It’s okay! We all have one!” She explained her that sentiment with, “It’s like, Annalise Keating carries the show, Olivia Pope carries the show. But somehow, Meredith Grey needs someone. Why can’t I just be the lead of the show the way Annalise and Olivia can? Why can’t I be on that poster by myself?”
Here’s my feelings on why she can’t do that. Grey’s Anatomy is an ensemble show, it was built on the cast and not a particular cast member unlike the other two shows. Plus, Viola Davis and Kerry Washington were stars before they joined their shows, no one knew who she was before Grey’s. She has become a household name since the show, but I don’t think she has become a star. Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl toplined movies while they were on hiatus from the show and what else has she done besides the medical drama? Check her IMDB and she might not like the answer.
She also might not like what I will say now, she is boring. There is nothing that really stands out about her and that is why she can’t have her own poster.
Can the show go on without McDreamy? If ER survived without Dr Ross, then yes. But that is not why Grey’s is on life support. It’s because it is crap. The heart is gone and that is what made this once great show great. I gave it up a long time ago because it became too much to watch. Every episode had an over the top case and it is also so depressing. Like I said, too much to watch.
If I were Pompeo, I would watch what I say from now on because Grey’s is going to flatline soon and she is going to want to be employable. But then again, Heigl keeps finding work, so you never know.


Kerry Washington wonders how they can do a fifth season of Scandal
May 7th, 2015 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Kerry Washington was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon was questioning her about the “explosive” season finale of Scandal. The NBC late night wanted to know what explosive means. Of course, she did her best Olivia Pope and didn’t say anything.
But then she eventually blurted out, “I will tell you this, when we finished the table read for this finale, I was so shocked, that I looked at Shonda and said, ‘Where do we go from here? How do we even have fifth season after this'”
I wonder who pissed off Shonda Rhimes so much that they won’t be returning in the fall? Who will be joining McDreamy and Harrison in Shondaland hell?
Even though she doesn’t know how the show will go on, you know it will. Even though ABC hasn’t yet picked up any shows for next season, you know this one will be on the schedule. Even if Washington doesn’t know.
How do you think season 4 will end? I gave up the show during the third season, so I have no idea.


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