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[ # ] GSN’s Emogenius makes me ☺️!
June 14th, 2017 under Game Show Network

Emojis have taken over our phones. So much so, that some people actually text in just Emojis. How well can you speak Emoji? Find out tonight at 9p on GSN’s new game show Emogenius.

Each week, Hunter March will test two teams knowledge how well they know how to read Emoji. All for the chance to win $10,000.

The first round, each team is given a scenario where two people are texting each other and one answers in Emoji. They have a :15 seconds to guess. If they do not figure it out, the other team gets a try at it.

The second round they have to guess a clue from an Emoji. They have three chances, but lose a dollar amount with each line of new Emoji.

In the final round, one team member has to get the other one to guess a clue with the help of 14 Emojis to choose from.

The winner of third round goes on the championship round. This one is like the third one, but the partners go back and forth trying to get the other one to guess. If they guess 5 answers in :60 seconds, they go home $10,000 richer. If not, they text the other one things like 🖕 and 💩.

Emogenius is not only fun to watch, it teaches you how to understand Emoji. Let me know tell you, it is not easy as you would think. Or maybe I just suck at it. Hopefully, after a few episodes of Emogenius I will become fluent and you can too.


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