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[ # ] Chris Titus Nevervolution is an evolution of laughter!
June 30th, 2011 under Reviews

A friend of mine made me borrow and watch Christopher Titus’ last tour DVD Love is Evol which was based on his bitter divorce from his ex-wife and what it was like to start dating again. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions and I can’t remember the last time a comedian did that. I loved his Fox show that was loosely based on his life with his dad and then wife. So when I heard that he had a new CD coming out, I had to have it.
Now that he has moved on from his divorce, he now has a problem with the last decade. So he took the road to share his grief and make us laugh about 2000-today. You can hear all his rants on his new CD Neverolution and you will find yourself agreeing about almost everything he says. He goes off on the Presidents, why we are in such dire straits financially, the new “celebrities” like Parish Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga gets her section and what he says about her is right on. But it isn’t only politics and Hollywood that bothers him, it is something closer to home. He hates the way people are raising their kids these days. When he was growing up his dad was really tough on him and now kids gets awards for just showing up. He tells stories of how tough his dad was and how wimpy the dads of today are. And on that note he goes off on the metrosexual men of today. All of these problems lead to him talking about the pill popping industry and how so many people are on anti-depressants. He is against that. He says with schizophrenic mom who shot her ex-husband, his abusive dad and his bitter voice, he is the poster child for the pills. But instead of being on them, he goes around being an antidepressant. And can I tell you I felt happier after I listened to his CD and I am sure you will to. So run out and by his CD now, it is cheaper than the price of a month’s worth of antidepressants.


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