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[ # ] Chris Cuomo calls Donald Trump out on his 🐂💩
July 16th, 2020 under Donald Trump, The Cuomo Brothers

Last week. Donald Trump invited the head of Goya to the White House. When the executive was there, he praised the president, and people called for a boycott of his products.

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump posed with a can of their beans from inside the White House, which is something that she is not allowed to do. Since we know the Trumps don’t follow the rules, he one-upped his daughter-wife by posing with a bunch of their products in the Oval Office on the resolute desk.

As soon as Chris Cuomo saw that he was pissed, and he called out Trump on his primetime show. Cuomo said, “You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic, has time for this 🐂💩. Are you kidding me?” We all wish he was, but Trump only cares about a few things, himself, his money, and pissing people off. He succeeded with the latter by posing for this picture.

However, no one as much as Cuomo, who said a word on CNN you are not supposed to say. Watch Trump’s supporters be more mad about the word 🐂💩 than the ethic violation their cult leader and his daughter-wife committed. Sad.

BTW when is trump going to hock Kool-Aid, or is that too obvious?


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