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Keira Knightley wants to walk the POTC plank?
November 10th, 2006 under Keira Knightley, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: none ]

Keira knightley’s swashbuckling days are over for good. The Oscar-nominated actress shoots her last scene today as pirate wench Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films and she has told the movie’s producers that she doesn’t want to participate in any further sequels. Keira’s co-star in the series, Johnny Depp, has already said that he would consider playing the ramshackle pirate Captain Jack Sparrow – famously modelled on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards – as long as the scripts remained good. Depp has an added incentive to carry on with the films because he’s getting a share of the lucrative Jack Sparrow merchandising. The third instalment, At World’s End, has been shooting on and off for a year. (Production shut down at one point because of bad weather.) In between filming, Keira was nominated for a best actress Academy Award for Pride And Prejudice, attended various Knightley: Buckled her last swash premieres of Dead Man’s Chest: Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 (the DVD of which comes out on November 20) and then made Atonement, with director Joe Wright. Shooting resumed in late summer and Keira was reunited with Depp and some of England’s finest actors (and most notorious mickey-takers); men such as Bill Nighy, Mackenzie Crook, Tom Hollander and Jack Davenport. "I’ve been playing this girl since I was 17," Keira told me on the set of Atonement. "I’m 21 now and I’m onto very different things, but it’s fun to try to invest Elizabeth with some rebellious spirit. "But what I’m doing in Atonement is very different. I mean, she is a grown-up woman!" Keira is far too polite to say, but I suspect that she won’t be sorry to say goodbye to Elizabeth Swann.

Daily Mail 

Although she will have a career post POTC, I never understand why actors leave a sucessful franchise.



Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley to play lovers?
October 16th, 2006 under Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan. [ Comments: none ]

Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley are to play lesbian lovers in a new movie. The film is about famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and his wife, Caitlin, and was written by Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald. Lindsay revealed to MTV: "Keira is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover and there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone." Aside from the erotic storyline, the movie will also focus on a real-life incident in which Keira’s character Vera and her future husband attack the poet’s home with a machine gun and a hand grenade. Meanwhile, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress has revealed her father told her it was a shame she didn’t have more sex before she became famous. Keira, 21, said: "My father says, ‘I wish this could have happened in five years’ time, you could have been 20 and got really p***ed and slept with loads of people and no-one would have known.’ "That would have been great."

Life Style Extra 

I had that converstaion with my dad too…not.



Keira Knightley with her mom on the PotC3 set
August 30th, 2006 under Keira Knightley, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: none ]

Keira Knightley gave her mother a guided tour of the set of her latest movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, as the pair took a boat with the rest of the cast for filming off Redondo Beach in California.Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald, who lives in Richmond, took a professional interest in proceedings as she is an actress turned playwright herself.She has even had a hand in her daughter’s acting success, writing the play After Juliet for her. Knightley, 21, has recently admitted she has been working so hard over the last five years she may take a year off so she does not lose her love of acting.

Daily Mail

What is up with her skin coloring? BTW yesterday was the last day they filmed at the Redondo Beach Pier. :(  


Keira as Jordan?
July 18th, 2006 under Jordan/Peter Andre/Harvey, Keira Knightley. [ Comments: none ]

Jordan has announced that she wants Keira Knightley to play her in a film. The glamour model and reality TV star is currently writing a third instalment of her autobiography, but is already making plans for her life story to be transferred onto the big screen. She told Star magazine, "The film of my life is definitely happening. I’d like someone like Keira Knightley to play me – she’s stunning and a very good actress. I’d want someone quite high profile like her doing it." The film is expected to cover Jordan’s romances with Dwight Yorke, Dane Bowers and husband Peter Andre, as well as her experiences of motherhood and stint on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Digital Spy

I do not think Keira’s anorexic frame can hold Jordan’s boobs, do you?
I would cast Sarah Michele Gellar if I had a vote.



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