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The reason why Thandie Newton did not need a merkin for Westworld
May 28th, 2018 under Chris Pratt, Graham Norton, HBO. [ Comments: none ]

Thandie Newton was on The Graham Norton Show last week and he wanted to know why she refused to wear a merkin for her nude scenes in Westworld. She told him, unlike most actresses she did not need one because she does not alter anything down there. Translation, she has a “full ’70s bush” down there. Since it is a period show, she needed to be au naturel in her lady parts. Meaning no wax, no Brazilians, no landing strips and definitely no vajazzling.

That was not the only reason for her hairy cat. Believe it or not, it takes 45 minutes to put on a crotch wig. She just wanted to get home to be with her 2-year-old son instead of having someone put on the fake hair where there is no real hair. Can anyone blame her? Imagine the conversations you have with the people putting it on you. So what did you eat for lunch? Fish?

Due to her confession, Chris Pratt also revealed something about himself. Ladies, he is pro-bush, and I am not talking about the former presidents. Therefore, if you want to date him, make sure your bottom looks like his top.


Game of Thrones is taping many different endings!
September 15th, 2017 under HBO. [ Comments: none ]

Game of Thrones is television’s biggest show and it is ending next season. Fans of the show are already speculating how it is going to end. Some of them might get it right, but they will not see it on the small screen. That’s because HBO’s president of programming told Daily Caller, “I know in ‘Game of Thrones,’ the ending, they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really know what happens.” Then Casey Bloys added, “You have to do that on a long show. Because when you’re shooting something, people know. So they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”

How do you think it is going to end? I think it is going to end at a diner and then all of a sudden someone comes through the door as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing plays on the jukebox. That ending has never been done on HBO before, right?


Veep decides not to run for reelection
September 6th, 2017 under 80s, HBO, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. [ Comments: none ]

In 2 years, an actress will an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy and her name will not be Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the first time in forever. That is because Veep’s upcoming 7th season will be its last. Dreyfus explained her decision to The Hollywood Reporter, “It became clear that this season should be the last season.” Then she added, “We don’t want to repeat ourselves or wear out our welcome. The story has a finality to it that feels end-of-series.” Seems obvious how the show will end its run.

Either she loses or decides not to run again. How do you feel about the political sitcom ending?


For all things holy, may Justin Theroux get an Emmy nomination
June 27th, 2017 under HBO. [ Comments: none ]

Even though The Leftovers has ended its run on HBO, Damon Lindelof really wants his former show to get an Emmy nom. So much so, the Executive Producer says that if anyone or the show gets nominated Mr Jennifer Aniston will take of his sweatpants and we will find out what that bulge in them is all about.

I don’t know about you, but I think that would be enough to sway the Emmy voters. I know it did me but I cannot vote. Although, even though he promised that we will see all of Justin Theroux, Lindelof is one the people behind Lost, so we can trust him as far as we can throw him and we cannot throw him.


TJ Miller explains why he is leaving Silicon Valley
June 6th, 2017 under HBO, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since it was announced that TJ Miller will not be returning for Silicon Valley’s 5th season, everyone has wanted to know why. Erlich Bachman explained to Larry King why he will not be back. He told the Ora TV host simply, “Because it was the right time.” Then he explained, “HBO and I kind of decided this was a time the character could leave. We written it in a place where there was an organic departure.”

He insists that it was a mutual decision and neither one forced the other one’s hand. But then again, he has grown bigger than the show. Not only did he star in Deadpool and Office Christmas Party, he also has several other movies in the works including The Emoji Movie. You could say, he has becoming one of Hollywood’s go to comedic actors on the big screen and starring in a show on the small screen will consume too much of his time to do other things.

Are you sad to see him go, or do you feel it was time?


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