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BTWF: Fran Drescher in Summer of Fear
September 2nd, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Fran Drescher. [ Comments: none ]

Before Fran Drescher worked as The Nanny for Mr. Scheffield, she worked in a hospital in Summer of Fear. She looks the same now as she did when she was 20 in that 1978 movie.


Fran Drescher and Renee Taylor dress up as their Nanny characters
July 8th, 2021 under Fran Drescher. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 22 years since The Nanny has aired any new episodes. Yet, it has never stopped airing in syndication and on streaming services like HBO Max.

The latter wants to get the word out that you can watch it there, so two of the show’s stars got together to shoot a little video.

Fran Drescher and her TV mom Renee Taylor put on their black and big cat-patterned clothes to recreated their iconic characters.

While that was awesome enough. However, they made it even better when Taylor that The Nanny is older now than she was when they filmed the show playing Ma in the ’90s. Time is an evil reality.

Oh, and we can talk about how fantastic they look? Drescher is 63, and Taylor is 88. I never would have guessed, would you have?


The Nanny cast reunited to read the pilot episode on Zoom
April 6th, 2020 under Fran Drescher. [ Comments: none ]

It has been almost 27 years since the cast of The Nanny had a table read for their pilot episode, and they recently reunited to read it again.

Fran Drescher (Fran Fine), Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), Lauren Lane (C.C. Babcock), Daniel David (Niles), Nicholle Tom (Maggie Sheffield), Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton Sheffield), Madeline Zima (Grace Sheffield), Renee Taylor (Sylvia Fine), and Rachel Chagall (Val Toriello), all got on Zoom and recorded themselves reading the script.

Today, Sony Pictures posted it on YouTube, and I felt like I was watching the pilot episode for the millionth time. It was a nice treat during these dark, gloomy times.

Plus, it was so nice to see them again. The actors all aged well. Although it was weird to see the kids read the parts now that they are adults. Tom really gave it her all! They all did, and that is what made it so much fun. Hopefully, they will be back with another all-new old episode next week, like the old days. I would tune in every week for this.

If they can’t or won’t do it again, then what other shows would you like to see do this? What about Head of the Class, That ’70s Show, Two and a Half Men, Friends, Family Matters, Married with…Children, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Queer As Folk, what else?


The Nanny cast is reuniting on Monday to read the pilot
March 31st, 2020 under Fran Drescher. [ Comments: none ]

Fran Drescher/Instagram

We all need some joy in our lives these days, and the cast of The Nanny is going to give us a little of that on Monday morning.

Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, Madeline Zima, Renee Taylor, Alex Sternin, Ann Hampton Callaway, DeeDee Rescher, Rachel Chagall, and Jonathan Penner, are doing a Zoom read of the show’s first episode/

Why now? Drescher told Variety, “Laughter is the best medicine! So, in these challenging times, Petah [Peter Marc Jacobson, Co-Creator] and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we pulled together the original cast of ‘The Nanny’ for a virtual read of the pilot?” Then she added, “It’s a once in a lifetime Pandemic Performance for our fans around the world who are currently stressing in isolation and could use a real upper! It sure has given each of us a lift and we hope it does for you as well.”

The virtual table read will be streaming on Sony’s YouTube page starting on Monday.

Hopefully, if it does well, then they will consider bringing the show back.


BTWF: Fran Drescher and Jay Leno in American Hot Wax
February 6th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Fran Drescher, Jay Leno. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jay Leno interviewed Fran Drescher on The Tonight Show, they shared scenes in American Hot Wax together. How much fun was it to see the 27-year-old actor act with the 20-year-old actress in that 1978 movie?


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