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Oh Oh Oh Oh yes, it’s the Nymphomaniac movie posters!
October 10th, 2013 under Christian Slater. [ Comments: none ]

The new posters are out for the movie Nymphomaniac and oh yes they are so good. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!


Christian Slater holds a 2012 Box Office (dis)honor!
December 31st, 2012 under Christian Slater. [ Comments: none ]

Remember in the ’80s when Christian Slater was a big movie star? Well in 2012 that is a completely different story. That’s because his movie Playback holds the honor of being the year’s Lowest Grossing Film. According to MovieLine it made a whopping $264.00. That’s right it didn’t even make three hundred dollars. That’s gotta hurt.
BTW if you want to see the biggest dud of the year, it is available on Netflix to enjoy!


The buzz about Christian Slater’s haircut
May 9th, 2012 under Christian Slater. [ Comments: 1 ]

Christian Slater Tweeted the above picture and said, “And I buzzed my hair!!! It’s Heaven” To me his hair makes him look like a Chia Pet. Now it might sound like an insult, but it looks so soft I want to rub my fingers through it. Is his new hairstyle Breaking In for you like it is for me?


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