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What is the next city to reunite for The Real World Homecoming?
March 31st, 2022 under Paramount+, Paramount+. [ Comments: 10 ]

Paramount+ has had huge success with The Real World Homecoming. The series reunites casts from the previous seasons of The Real World. The first two cities to take part in the sequel were the first two that took part in the original.

Therefore, we thought that New York and Los Angeles would be followed up with San Fransisco. We were wrong. So, if not SF, then London? Nope. Miami? Nope. Boston? Nope. Seattle? Nope. Hawaii? Nope. New Orleans? Yep.

Finally, they got seven of their strangers to get real again. But do we care about their season because I want San Fran? That was their best season because of Pedro Zamora and Puck, as much of an asshole, the latter was. He was their first real villain.

Now, having said that. Even though I didn’t watch David “Tokyo” Broom, Melissa Beck, Jamie Murray, Danny Roberts, Matt Smith, Julie Stoffer, and Kelley Wolf’s first go around, that trailer makes me want to watch the second one when it begins streaming on April 20th.

Can someone catch me up on their original season?


The In Between is a love story like no other one we’ve seen before
February 11th, 2022 under Joey King, Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

The In-Between is not your typical love story, but it is one that will leave a lasting impression on your heart. If you are looking for a romance movie to watch, then you are going to want to stream it on Paramount+ today, and any time you need a reminder that love never dies,

Tessa (Joey King) is a high school student who has lived more life than people twice her age. She never knew her father, and her mother is no longer in the picture. Because of that, she likes to take photos with a camera that uses film as compared to digital.

She has just moved in with a man, who used to date her mom, and his new wife. She is starting to know what love is, but it is going to take some time because she never really knew it.

One day she goes to the town theater, and they are showing a movie in French. However, there are no subtitles. So the only other person in the theater, a teenage boy, will whisper the translation into her ear. How romantic?

When the lights come up, the boy introduces himself as Skylar (Kyle Allen). The two promise to meet again at the theater. Sadly, they didn’t exchange information, and it looks like their one meeting will be just that.

That is until someone asks her to photograph the crew team competing against another school. When she zooms in and looks at the other team, she sees Skylar. This time the two exchange information, and so begins their love affair.

Slowly, Tessa is letting him into her heart. She is learning what love is, and things are going great for them.

Then one-night fate happens, and their love story changes. They meet up, and suddenly a car appears out of nowhere, and it hits them both. Tessa survives, but Sklar doesn’t.

Even though he is dead, he is still with her. He is trying to reach out to her from the beyond, and no one believes her when she tells them that.

Tessa meets a woman that explains that he is in the In Between. It is like a waiting room, and he will only be there for a limited time. As long as he is there, he can try to reach out to her. But she has to find a way to let him know she hears him. Will she be able to do it before it is too late? Can they have the perfect goodbye that was taken from them that fateful night?

The In Between doesn’t feel like a love story between two high school students. It feels like one that everyone of any age can appreciate. We all have that great love that we think even death cannot separate us. This proves to us it doesn’t.

We might say until death we do part in our wedding vows, but none of us want that. We want our love to go on for an eternity. This gives us hope that it does,

Granted, I might be so invested in that concept because I honestly believed that King and Allen were soulmates. You get so invested in their character’s love for each other that you don’t want it or the movie to end. However, you will be satisfied with the ending.

If you are sick of the same old love story, then this is the film for you. It is a mix of romance, drama, horror, and hope. Love never dies, and neither will your love for The In Between.


Julie from The Real World worked as a temp at MTV after the show
March 9th, 2021 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1992, MTV launched a little reality show called The Real World. For three months, everyone was captivated by the roommates’ lives. Therefore, you would think when the show ended; the cast would have no problem getting jobs. It was quite the opposite for everyone who wasn’t named Eric Nies.

Yesterday, the seven houseguests were on Shade 45, and he wanted to know what their lives were like after the show ended. Julie Gentry told him she was trying to make it as a dancer in NYC. However, she kept getting rejected from jobs because she Julie from The Real World. Since she needed to pay the rent, she took a job as a temp for MTV and Viacom to pay the bills. She says it was better than working as a waitress and having people recognize there.

Even though she had a rough time after the show, it all turned out OK for her. As we learned last week on The Real World Homecoming: New York, she is happily married with children.


Why didn’t Eric Nies return to the Real World loft?
March 4th, 2021 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

Today, Paramount got into the streaming business with Paramount+. One of the first shows to debut on the streaming service was a reunion from one of the first reality shows to grace our televisions.

In 1992, we got to know Norman Korpi, Julie Gentry, Becky Blasband, Kevin Powell, Andre Comeau, Heather Gardner, and Eric Nies on The Real World. Back in January, they all got together again for six days to film The Real World Homecoming: New York in the same loft from 28 years ago.

Well, almost everyone. Six houseguests moved in, but one was missing. That person is Eric Nies. Did the model turn host get bitten by the Divo bug and refuse to do it? Far from it. He got bit by a different bug; he tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to quarantine in a hotel. He is still part of the reunion, but from a safe distance away from his former roommates.

When it comes to the first episode, they are still nice to each other. It could be because they are older, or it could be that they are still being polite. Hopefully, next week they will start getting real. Who doesn’t love reality show drama? That is why we are still watching Real World after all of these decades. Do you feel old?

Talking about old, let’s talk about how great they all look. They aged a little, but they all still look great. I would still be able to pick them all out in a crowd.


Have things gotten better or worse for the original cast of The Real World?
February 26th, 2021 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

On March 4th, the original cast of The Real World is moving back in together after 29 years. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, Now that they are almost 30 years older.

Back when the show that launched reality TV, their ages ranged from 19-26. Now, they are 48-55 years old. Did they gain wisdom with age? According to the trailer, they didn’t. In fact, when they were younger, they were more willing to learn new things. Today, they are set in their ways.

What will happen seven people from different lifestyles move into together after nearly 3 decades apart? We will find out on Paramount+ next week.

I know I can’t wait to see the tears, the fights, and the hugs. Hopefully, this social experiment will teach us how to get along and not tear us apart. If seven people can live together and not kill one another, why can’t we?


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