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Finally Anna Nicole Smith laid to rest
March 2nd, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Only ET was inside the church for the emotional farewell as ANNA NICOLE SMITH was buried next to her son DANIEL Friday morning. It was the final chapter in the story that has captivated the country since Anna's sudden death a little over three weeks ago in a Florida hotel room. LARRY BIRKHEAD and HOWARD K. STERN arrived first. The two shook hands once inside the church. Emotions ran high as both men wept before the service started. Also on hand was country singer JOE NICHOLS, who sang two songs requested by Howard — "I'll Wait for You" and DOLLY PARTON's "Wings of a Dove" — which is said to have been Anna's favorite country song. Anna met the singer at the Grand Ole Opry back in 2005 and was a fan of Nichols' music. About 100 mourners gathered to celebrate Anna's life, including her former assistant KIM WALTHER, TRIMSPA CEO ALEX GOEN, rocker SLASH of GUNS N' ROSES fame and Howard's family. Many wore black and pink ribbons, Anna's two favorite colors. Anna's nearly six-months-old baby girl, DANNIELYNN, did not attend the service, and was kept out of the public eye at an undisclosed location. Anna's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR made a last-ditch attempt to stop the funeral on Friday, but was denied in Bahamian court. She was among the last to arrive for the service. The crowd gathered outside the church launched into boos and jeers when she finally made her appearance — no doubt a reaction to the recent court battles over Anna's remains. The service began after a white hearse carrying Anna's casket arrived at the Mount Horeb Church in Nassau. Draped in a pink blanket, she was taken inside via a red carpet entrance leading to the church. "She did have a lot of specific things [that she wanted]," Howard told ET's MARK STEINES earlier this week about Anna's details of her own funeral. "I'm going to do everything in my power to make it what she would have wanted." Anna's favorite color, pink, decorated the funeral. Pink peonies, pink roses, stargazers and white calla lilies decorated the church during the service. Her casket had a pink velvet cover.. Following the church memorial service, a police escort accompanied the hearse carrying Anna's casket. About 30 of Anna's closest friends and relatives were asked to witness her interment next to Daniel's grave. ET has learned that the graveside mourners were each handed a red rose and a pink rose to lay on the coffin. The red rose symbolizes Daniel, while the pink symbolizes Anna. Each guest was also asked to write a personal note to Anna on pink heart-shaped paper. Those messages were then dropped into the grave, so that her casket was engulfed in messages of love. And Anna's late husband, J. HOWARD MARSHALL II, was also present. The urn that holds a portion of his ashes was buried with Anna.

Entertainment Tongiht 

That funeral as promised was over-the-top, but did we expect any less? 


Anna Nicole Smith’s memorial will be over the top.
March 1st, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Anna Nicole Smith will be buried in a custom-made gown next to her 20-year-old son following an "over the top" memorial service with a tightly controlled guest list, said a friend helping to organize the memorial. The memorial service, with about 300 guests at an undisclosed church, will feature large amounts of pink flowers, her favorite color, and singing from a well-known performer whose name organizers aren't ready to disclose, said the friend, Patrik Simpson of Beverly Hills, Calif. "It will be a very beautiful, Anna Nicole send-off," Simpson told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday night in the Bahamian capital of Nassau. "Of course it will be over the top because it's Anna Nicole." Simpson's partner, Pol Atteu, has designed more than a dozen gowns for Smith, including the one in which she was to be buried in a "very elegant" casket that will most likely be closed, he said. He declined to describe the dress. Simpson said each "faction" — Stern, Arthur and Birkhead — had to submit a guest list in advance and each would be limited to 100 people at the church service. "It will be something very beautiful, very private, very over the top and very pink," he said. The burial at Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums will be much more intimate, with about 30 people, he said.

AP (story) and Anna Nicole Smith (photo) 

That is how she should go out. And nice to see Howard K Stern is letting Larry Birkhead and her mom each have an equal amount of people at the funeral. But part of me wonders what he is up to? With all that he has put them through, it just seems so weird that now he is willing to compromise now… you know like the saying nothing good in life is free?


Pneumonia masked by drugs killed Anna Nicole Smith?
February 28th, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Pneumonia — not a drug overdose — killed Anna Nicole Smith, the National Enquirer has learned exclusively. In the new issue just hitting newsstands, The ENQUIRER reports that preliminary findings reveal that tests performed during the autopsy show Anna Nicole had a severe case of pneumonia. Prescription drugs that she had taken made the condition worse and did play a role in her death. The full toxicology report has not yet been completed. Sources very close to the death investigation told The ENQUIRER that the prescription drugs masked the seriousness of her pneumonia. Anna Nicole had previously been hospitalized for pneumonia in the Bahamas after her son died. This time, the painkillers Anna Nicole was taking masked her symptoms and quickened the deadly effects of the pneumonia.

National Enquirer

Considering that the NE offices are in West Palm Beach, the next county north of Broward, they might have good connections at the ME's Office and this might be true.

Interestingly Entertainment Tonight spoke to Howard K Stern about what the autopsy results might say and he said this, "I think everybody's jumping the gun as to what caused Anna's death, and is assuming the worst, and I'm hopeful that everybody is wrong," says Howard. "I think Anna died because DANIEL was gone. Whatever is in that [toxicology report], she died from him, and she couldn't go on. She was tortured." Sounds like if he took her to the hospital when she had 105 fever and not go shopping for a boat she might still be with us, just asking?


Larry Birkehead finally meets Dannielynn!
February 27th, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith. [ Comments: none ]

ET confirms that LARRY BIRKHEAD has met ANNA NICOLE SMITH's baby, DANNIELYNN, the little girl he claims is his daughter. ET reports exclusively that Larry's sister, JUDY BIRKHEAD, was by his side as he held the baby girl, feeding her a bottle for the first time. Larry met the baby girl last night at the home Anna shared with the other man who says he's the baby's father, her partner, HOWARD K. STERN. In another development, a Florida appeals court has granted Anna Nicole's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR's request for a stay, meaning that Anna Nicole's body can't be moved until the appeals court hears the challenge. DR. JOSHUA PERPER, the medical examiner assigned to the case, told ET exclusively on Monday that he will comply with the court orders, adding that "every day beyond the date of death is a risk of further deterioration."

Entertainment Tonight

I hope he took a pacifier or something for DNA, so he can finally find out she is his. 


Judge rules that Dannielynn’s guardian will decide where to bury Anna Nicole Smith
February 22nd, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith. [ Comments: none ]

The judge presiding over the Anna Nicole Smith burial hearing ruled Thursday that Smith's remains should be given to the guardian ad litem representing her infant daughter, Dannielynn. But the judge said he personally wants Smith buried with her late son Daniel in the Bahamas. "I have suffered for this, I have struggled with this, I have shed tears for your little girl," Broward County Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin said to Smith's mother about 15 minutes before he ruled. He said Smith wanted to be buried next to her son Daniel, and that the flame of her beauty was quickly going out. He also urged all the possible fathers of Smith's newborn daughter to get a paternity test. A series of final witnesses were called on Thursday, including the former Playboy Playmate's first husband Billy Smith, the father of Smith's son Daniel, who testified by telephone. Billy Smith, whom Smith married when she was 17, said he wished his son Daniel were buried in Texas, but he didn't have the money to exhume him. Billy Smith added that he wanted Daniel buried next to his mother. Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead took the witness stand for the second straight day Thursday in the Florida hearing about who should get custody of Smith's body, testifying more about how he pleaded with Smith to stop her excessive use of prescription medication while she was pregnant. The hearing recessed Thursday after one attorney almost fainted because of a diabetic reaction to low blood sugar.

Fox News 

Hopefully he will bury her with Daniel because I think that is where she would want to be buried. When it comes to Judge saying the possible fathers should get a DNA test…well duh.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith will be buried in the Bahamas next to her son. 


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