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BTWF: Bruce Willis on Miami Vice
June 18th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Bruce Willis. [ Comments: none ]

Before Bruce Willis was blowing things up in Die Hard, he was making planes crash on Miami Vice. He looks the same now as he did when he was 29 in that 1984 episode.


Tom Cruise shows the math behind the stunt that broke his ankle
June 18th, 2018 under Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Remember last year when Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing a stunt for Mission: Impossible: Fallout? A few months ago, he showed all the angles at the moment it happened on The Graham Norton Show. Today, he is showing us the math and science behind. It is too much for me to comprehend, but like he said, “That impact? No joke.” That I can understand. That and ouch!


Conan O’Brien says he has the World’s Largest PENIS?
June 18th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

The other night during his monologue Conan O’Brien talked about the man with the World’s Largest Penis. The TBS late host said that man “claims it ruined his acting career.” Then he added, “On the plus side, it did get me my own late show.”

After loving the applauds, he sadly revealed it was not true. And yet, I cannot stop staring at his crotch to see if there might be the tiniest truth to what he said. It did not hurt that he unbuttoned his jacket giving us a full view.

Unfortunately for him, I have seen those specials about that man he is talking about. The real owner of that massive appendage makes Jon Hamm look like what we think Donald Trump looks like down there.


Charles Barkley gave a really not a good answer on Family Feud
June 18th, 2018 under Sports figures, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey asked, “If man’s zipper breaks in church, what might he use to cover it up?” NBA legend Charles Barkley said, “a child.” Not realizing how bad that answer is. Even after Kristen Ledlow said, “Not a good answer,” and Ernie Johnson walked over to the other team. I know that because, he then tried to explain as “I meant a baby.” Which made everything worse, so much worse.

As bad as that answer is, it was still on the board. Except they said, “person.” Still sounds bad, no matter how you put it! On a positive note, at least the bible was the #1 answer.


Thomas Markle gives his first TV interview about his daughter Meghan Markle
June 18th, 2018 under The Princes of England. [ Comments: none ]

Tomorrow Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate their one-month anniversary and her father, Thomas Markle, celebrated it by giving his first television interview to Good Morning Britain. And according to Daily Mail’s Rebecca English, he was only paid a few thousand pounds to talk to Piers Morgan. I would need to get to paid a lot more than that to talk to that twit.

Their live hour-long chat was like pulling teeth. At one point, he even admitted that he has only been behind the camera before. It was not that he was bad, he just did not have enough to say to fill an hour, but somehow they did. Plus, it is hard to get someone excited in the middle of the night, since LA is 8 hours behind London, and sitting alone in a room with just a camera.

When it comes to what he said, the royal reporters think he blew any chances he had to get to know the Duchess of Sussex’s new family.

He revealed that his princess slowly gave him hints to whom she was dating and said that they had to refer to him as “H” so that they could keep their relationship secret. His daughter told him before the Prince did that they were engaged, but the Duke of Sussex did ask for his father-in-law’s permission. The dad said as long as he treated his daughter well, he was OK with the two of them getting married.

When it comes to what happened right before the wedding, he regrets taking those paparazzi photos to make himself look better in the world’s eyes. He says that he was getting ready to go to the wedding when he suffered heart palpitations which turned out to be a heart attack. When he started to feel better, he checked himself out of the hospital against doctors orders to go to the wedding. When he had chest pains again, he went to back to the hospital and they said he was suffering from a widow maker. That is when they did the surgery and said he was not well enough to travel to the wedding. Instead, he watched the nuptials at bed and breakfast.

How did he feel about Prince Charles walking Meghan down the aisle? He was sad it was not him but was happy it was the future King of England, who has no daughters of his own. He gushed about beautiful and happy his daughter looked on her special day.

Why was her mom the only family member there? He says that around 50 members of his family wanted invites, so better to invite none of them than just one.

He said that he looks forward to meeting his daughter’s new family, including his son-in-law, but no date has been set. And after this interview who knows if they ever will.

As someone, who loves her father very much, I hope Meghan can have one with her dad. Only time will tell.

To watch the rest of the interview, then click here!


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