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Did Aaron Carter propose to his girlfriend on Instagram?
September 24th, 2018 under Backstreet Boys /Aaron Carter. [ Comments: none ]

Aaron Carter has his life back on track and he has a new girlfriend by his side. Yesterday, he posted a sweet message to Lina Valentine and she responded back with just as much love.

Then he followed it up with the engagement ring emoji. What did she say to that? All she wrote was, “my love 😘.” Does that mean they are engaged? Only time will tell.

I am not sure how long they have been dating, but they made it Instagram official earlier this month.


Hot Links!
September 23rd, 2018 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


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Why do Americans love Ranch dressing so much? – Pajiba

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Will Grey’s Anatomy’s sweet 16 be its swan song?
September 23rd, 2018 under Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Ellen Pompeo became TV’s highest paid actress, and now she is hinting she is ready to call it quits with the show when her contract expires at the end of next season.

Meredith Grey told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m clearly not prepared right now to make any kind of formal announcement about what my future is on the show, but I am really feeling like we have told the majority of the stories we can tell,” Then she added, “It’s about time that I mix it up. I’m definitely looking for a change.”

Without her, they say the show cannot go on. But didn’t they say that about ER when George Clooney left? Whatever, she decides to do as her next step, I doubt acting will be it. I think she is too typecast as the doctor to do anything else.

Would you be upset if she leaves the show and ABC pulls the plug on the medical soap opera?


Your family Thanksgiving meal won’t be as tense as the Gosars
September 22nd, 2018 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Six of Paul Gosar’s siblings shot a political ad for a congressional candidate, they just did not do for it their brother. In fact, they did it for his opponent David Brill.

If that is not a reason to vote against Gosar, then I do not what could be. Imagine having seven of your nine siblings publically bash you, six of them film an ad for your opponent and two more who remain silent. If that is not a ringing endorsement of how bad of a candidate you are, then tell me what is.

A family is always supposed to support the family, not do this. To me, this says it all about Gosar. Vote David Brill.

And can someone do a reality show about this family having dinner with his family? Imagine how hot that would be? It will make The Oath look a drama.


Joaquin Phoenix gets his Joker’s face
September 22nd, 2018 under Batman, Joaquin Phoenix. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday, we got to see Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker before he was the villain. Now we are getting to see him after he becomes the notorious Batman bad guy for Warner Bros.

I don’t know about you, but it does nothing for me. It doesn’t scare me or make me like him. But I am not the target audience because I cannot stand the new DC Universe movies.

What do you think of the latest look for the iconic character?


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