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The third hour of Good Morning America gobbles up The Chew
May 23rd, 2018 under TV News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Did you know that there is a daytime talk show on ABC called The Chew and it has been on for 7 years? Turns out there was one. I say was, because today it got cancelled to make room for a third hour of Good Morning America at 1p.

I think they are going to have to dump the word morning from the title since it is on in the afternoon. That is just one of the things we will be waiting to find out before the show debuts in September. The other thing they are still deciding on is who will host it. I betcha a penny Michael Strahan gets that hour along with someone new.

One thing ABC won’t be answering is who asked for it and why it’s airing 4 hours after GMA goes off the air for the day. Do we really want to have a cheesy news program with our lunches? I do not think so. What we need is a new soap opera, something they got rid of to make room for The Chew. Which they finally cancelled.


The Real’s Loni Love gets real about having sex in a porta potty
May 23rd, 2018 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

If someone asked you, where is the grossest place you could ever think of having sex in, where would it be? Most of us would probably say a porta potty. They are so many levels of grossness to it. It smells, what people do in it and the smell.

While that is us, that was not Loni Love many years ago. She admitted on The Real today that when she was in college, she had sex in a porta potty with her boyfriend. She tried to explain that the reason why she did it was that she ate a special cookie. A cookie so special she says she did even not smell all of the poop and piss that happened before she got in there. Which could be how she survived it the experience.

The next big question y’all want an answer to is how did they do it? Tamera Mowry just had to know. Let’s just say Love was facing the door and he was behind her. Use your imaginations because you know you are.

Finally, would she do it again? Love said, “It depends on who it — who was the person, cause sometimes you just know it’s going to happen.” I don’t care if it was Prince Harry said he would dump Meghan Markle for me. There is no way in hell I would ever have sex in that hell. I can’t even pee in one, how am going to do anything more than that in that tiny stinkhole that is full of butt sweat and so much more.

Have any of you had sex in one and what was it like? Do I really want to know?

BTW Love, thanks for keeping it real. It is something we have all wondered. One mystery down and a million more to go.


Skyscraper looks like it will send your heartbeat through the roof
May 23rd, 2018 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock’s action movies have a way of giving you such an adrenaline rush that your heart is still racing long after you left the movie theater. After I saw San Andreas, I was driving home in such a panic, thinking any second now the earth was going to start quaking. Then I was wondering why I was driving towards it and not away from the epicenter that was featured in the film. At that point, I realized I was still on stable ground and then I was cursing him out for releasing a movie like that. Someone who was at the University of Miami for Hurricane Andrew should not be making disaster films that alums like me, who now live in LA, are going to see. So not over that DJ.

Anyways that was a few years ago, this year he has a new summer blockbuster film coming out. Another disaster film, but this one is about an Skyscraper on fire because the terrorists want something from inside of it. Something only DJ can get and they will hold his family hostage until he gets. I did not think that any movie could top The Towering Inferno, but this one might come pretty close.

I don’t know about you, but I will be there to see on July 13th. Although, this time I will make someone else do the driving. Preferably someone who does not live in a Skyscraper.


Ed Sheeran keeps the Spice Girls close to his heart
May 23rd, 2018 under Ed Sheeran, Spice Girls. [ Comments: none ]

Tomorrow is Red Nose Day and Ed Sheeran has already gotten into the spirit. He did so by wearing a shirt that Victoria Beckham designed just for the day and it is on sale on Omaze. The t-shirt, a Spice Girls’ fan must have, is being sold for just $35, of which $13 from each shirt will go to the Red Nose Day Fund, which supports programs that ensure children who are living in poverty are safe, healthy and educated.

Let’s get back to Sheeran, he says if you buy the shirt, “two things will happen – Children in poverty all over the world will get support, and I will watch Spice World the movie on repeat for 24 hours, coz why not.” Has any human survived that? If he does, then he deserves to be an honorary Spice Girl. I think we should call him Manly Spice, what do you think his name should be?


Watch a reporter mistake a baseball player for another one!
May 23rd, 2018 under Celeb Oops, Sports figures, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

KTLA’s David Pingalore was covering the Colorado Rockies game yesterday and he was so excited to interview Carlos Gonzalez. Therefore, he pulled the baseball player aside and stared talking to him about their Orlando days.

There is only one problem, it was not Gonzalez. Instead, it was Noel Cuevas, who told him, “I’m not Carlos.” How did Pingalore handle the embarrassing moment? He checked Cuevas’ jersey to confirm the numbers were not the same and told his anchors, “Looks just like him…That is a live TV moment right there.”

That it is, do you think the players look alike? Below is Gonzalez and then Cuevas or is it the other way around? I will just have to ask Pingalore!

photos via MLB


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