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November 18th, 2008 under Lisa Edelstein/Hugh Laurie/House

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Someone who is not a patient is going to die on House. On next week's episode the team is held hostage by a man who comes into the clinic to be treated and not everyone is going to make it to the following episode according to Watch with Kristin.
This just in from Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy): "Somebody dies." Gaaah! So who is it? Well, you know how in medieval times the royal food taster existed to test the king's food for poison, at risk of said food taster's own life? Well, these are modern times but Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) essentially gets that job in the hostage episode—the patient won't let House treat him with anything unless it goes into Thirteen first. Naturally, Thirteen takes a whopping dose of…everything, and that doesn't do her already fragile health any favors. But wait, they couldn't really kill Thirteen…could they?
Do you think the death will be someone from the new team, the old team, the one who recently kissed House or the one that looked like he was goine at the beginning of the season? Or could it be that someone dies, and House and the teams bring them back to life???
But before we get to find out what happens on next week's episode there is a new one on Fox tonight at 8p, so don't forget to watch!


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