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October 15th, 2008 under Reviews

(photo © Discovery)

In a warehouse on an island in San Francisco Bay, a team of engineers and PhD's are inventing the future one prototype at a time. From finding solutions to today's problems, to conceiving cool machines that are just fun to have around, the Prototype This crew imagines and then invents the future by using emerging technologies to build the craziest, one-of-a-kind prototypes of tomorrow.

Tune in Wednesdays at 10 e/p for loads of zany brilliance, hi-tech wizardry, and a inside look at some of the latest tools and gadgets that just may change the way we live and work.

Prototype This is premiering tonight on Discovery Channel tonight at 10p and you don't have to be a genius to enjoy this show. In tonight's episode the team come up with a prototype that will eliminate road rage. They create a helmet for the driver to wear that measures biorhythms and if the driver gets aggravated the car will slow down or stop until they calm down. It was a lot of fun to watch them come up with the idea, then on to how they make it and then finally making it work. Watching them test it out was the best. Guess how many of them couldn't get their cars started because they were too stressed! 
In the coming weeks they attempt a waterslide stimulator and a traffic busting truck (I want one!) to name a few. So tune to Discovery tonight and every Wednesday at 10p to watch a bunch guys come up with an idea of the future and make it happen today!


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