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[ # ] Pete Doherty’s cat is out of its own misery
May 28th, 2008 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss

(photo from Daily Mail
One of Pete Doherty's cat passed away yesterday according to NME. He was late for a gig (he still gets them?) and told the crowd.
"Sorry I'm late. But considering I've had to bury one of my cats at the roadside I've done pretty well to be here."

Before Doherty arrived at the venue an announcement had been made that the singer was "en route" and that "his kittens had gone crazy". When he did arrive, the Babyshambles man was carrying one of his cats in a pet transporter. The feline watched the show from the back of the stage.

What does that mean that he had to bury his cat at the roadside? I don't want to know what killed that poor cat. Since in the past his cats have tested positive for drugs and he admitted that he got clean after a raising a shovel to one of his cats and was about to smush it.
While I never would wish death on any animal, I think in this case it was almost humane that it is no longer with him and us.


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