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[ # ] Matt Bomer is a stripping Ken Doll!
October 5th, 2017 under Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer as Ken from Matt Bomer Fan on Vimeo.

Matt Bomer was on Conan the other night and he revealed that his stripping scene from Magic Mike was cut from he movie. In that deleted scene, he says he a living Ken Doll who strips.

Once I heard that, I just had to find that clip. And boy, I am glad that I am did because it is the best thing about that overrated movie. It is the best thing about a lot of things. It makes me want to go out and buy Barbie’s boyfriend, just in case he will actually come out of the box and take his clothes off for me too the same way he did in the film. Granted, he will not look as hot as Boner, I mean Bomer, but you cannot mass produce the actor’s sexiness.

On that note, I have been to many strip clubs and he totally captured the feel of the best of them. It is almost like he has done that before…professionally. Even if he did not, he should consider doing it for a living! I know I would make it rain for him! Who wouldn’t?

Are you as excited as I am that I found that scene? I do not know how it made the cutting room floor because it was the highlight of Magic Mike.



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