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[ # ] The creator of Major Crimes is not happy about its cancellation
October 3rd, 2017 under TNT/TBS/TCM

TNT announced today that this season of Major Crimes will be its last. It seemed like that creator of the show was OK with it because of the quote he gave in the press release. James Duff said, “The whole company of Major Crimes is dedicated to making 2017-18 the best season yet.”

But then he took to Facebook and told a different story. He wrote, “I’m directing the finale of Major Crimes, so I can’t really answer all the questions that are being asked today about why Major Crimes was cancelled before we ran our sixth season. But I do want you to know that it was not at all my idea, nor did I want to leave the show.”

Then he added, “The actors, the writers, the producers and our talented crew would have held on as long as we were relevant. I am extraordinarily thankful to our viewers, who followed us to four different time slots in the last eighteen months, and who make up a very large part of what we call the community of the show. Without the loyalty of our audience, Major Crimes would have been gone much sooner.”

Finally he concluded with, “We’ll have a chance to talk about what happened in the near future. Meanwhile, we are determined to give you the best season we can. So sorry I couldn’t stop this moment from happening.”

I am surprised that they are cancelling the show because it has been their mainstay on the network for the last 5 seasons. It is still good show, but Kevin Reilly does not like any show that started before his reign. Which is sad because all the shows he picked up suck and now I am left only watching one show on the net as compared to at least 4 at a time before he became their president.

I am sure Major Crimes will go out on top, but it is just a shame they will not go past the 6th season.



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