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December 26th, 2007 under Jordan/Peter Andre/Harvey

Jordan aka Katie Price's little sister Sophie wants to be just like her according to The Sun.

“I wouldn’t ever go massive like Kate – it would look ridiculous as I’m only a tiny 5ft 4in!

“I’d just like to go a bit bigger, maybe one size up to a C cup. I really like the bullet boob look at the moment.

“But I won’t be going topless just yet because it won’t leave me anywhere to go as a model – and that’s important to me.

“I’d love to appear on Page 3 in the future.

“And although it's probably years off, it's one of my ambitions to follow in Kate's footsteps and model for Playboy.

“Kate did the American one and I think that’s a really big achievement.

“That’s definitely one of my goals – I’d love to be a Playboy girl. Bring it on, woo!”

She adds: “Kate’s been like, ‘Yeah go on, do it.’ She’s guiding me. But she has warned me that the operations are really painful and can leave you feeling sore.

“She’s also been giving me tips for posing in a way that makes your boobs look bigger – not that she ever needs to do that!”

Up until now, Sophie has been limited to photoshoots in swimwear and plain outfits because of her age. But she turned 18 earlier this month and is now ready to turn up the heat.

Sophie says: “I can be so much more daring now I’m 18.

“It felt great being able to pose in such sexy lingerie at last.

“Kate’s going to love the pictures, especially this one of me in the knee-high boots.”

Nothing better than getting sisterly advice about getting a boob job. Wonder if Jordan will be jealous her if she makes it bigger than her.
BTW she really doesn't look her half-sister Jordan, does she? 


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