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[ # ] Just like Sylar’s powers, Heroes will back!!!
December 4th, 2007 under Heroes

Just like Sylar's powers during Volume 2 of Heroes, we are not sure when Heroes will come back.
Greg Beeman gave us an update on Heroes' future now that the last written episode aired.
Fans, I wish I could tell you what's happenin g, but I truly do not know what the future holds. None of us in Hollywood knows when the strike will be over, or if when and how many more episodes of HEROES will happen this year.

But no matter what, we WILL be back, serving you to the best of our abilities, as soon as we can.

As for this blog – it will go dark now – until the show is back on the air. Thank you all for this opportunity. This blog is half like a term paper I have to write every week, and half an incredible opportunity to become more directly linked to you guys… Our fans who are our life’s blood. It's become a very special experience for me to put it out there for you every week.

Until we meet again….

After watching the last :30 seconds of Heroes yesterday and seeing where Volume 3 is going, I am even more bummed we are not sure when Heroes will be back. I love that evil Sylar with powers is back and you know all that pent up energy is going to come out and when it does it is going to bring hell to earth!
And seriously who was not high-fiving Hiro when he buried Adam alive! That was my favorite scene of the season! Way to go Hiro!



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