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[ # ] What do the brains on iZombie taste like?
April 11th, 2017 under iZombie

Each week on iZombie, Liv comes up with a new and interesting ways to eat the brains of the murdered person whose murder she is going to try to solve, but what does the grey, or should I say pinkish, matter taste like? Recently at the The CW TCA Winter Press Rose McIver answered that very question. She said, “The brain is made out of gelatin, like coconut agar gelatin. They are disgusting. They are drowned in corn syrup and whatever kind of makes it look good at the time.”

Then she continued, “They have gone above and beyond to try to make them delicious. And I appreciate it so much, but it’s just not worth it because it’s a spit back anyway. I’m not actually going to actually be swallowing any unnecessary brains.” Was there ever one she couldn’t stomach? While a milkshake might sound yummy to you and me, the actress said the one she had to drink during the first season was the grossest one of them all. Saying it is was “almost unmanageable” and after that she was done.

Even though they look good on TV, they taste yucky in real life. McIver has a good attitude about eating the prop, when she told us, “I get to play a Zombie and get through this great show. It’s like what a self indulgent problem.” They say actors suffer for their work, and thankfully she is taking her suffering in stride. I mean, if she didn’t reveal that they awful, I never would have known by watching her do it every week.

On that note, make sure to tune in to iZombie tonight at 9p on The CW to see what concoction she comes up with for her life, would you call life for a Zombie, saving meal?


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