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[ # ] Bella Thorne does an A Christmas Story
March 27th, 2017 under Bella Thorne

The most memorable scene in A Christmas Story is when Flick accepts his triple dog dare to stick his tongue on to a pole and it gets stuck. Ever since then you have been tempted to do it to see if it would really happen, but something always stops you. While that is us, that is not Bella Thorne. She saw a pole on a freezing cold day in Winnipeg and tried it out. How did it go? As well at it when for Flick.

I guess we know where she is going to be doing press for Famous in Love, that debuts on April 18th, from that pole in Winnipeg. BTW I have seen 6 episodes of the Freeform drama and I am so loving it.


  • xyz

    Seriously mentally disturbed via MK ULTRA applied by Disney. And how such cretin posts are important? Its a matter of time until she goes Miley’s way. The same goes for Ariel Winter. Doom is written all over them.


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