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[ # ] Kristen Wiig gives an Emmy winning performance on The Last Man on Earth!
March 5th, 2017 under Will Forte

The Last Man on Earth is finally back on Fox tonight at 9:30p and Kristen Wiig stars in the standalone episode that shows us for the first time what it was like when the virus killed almost everyone on Earth.

When we first met Phil Miller (Will Forte) the virus had almost wiped out most of the people on Earth, but we never knew what it was it was like when it was happening. In the first two and a half seasons, we have gotten glimpses of what it was like, but tonight Kristen Wiig finally shows us what really happened.

Pamela Brinton (Wiig) is a rich socialite who heads a foundation that helps dogs like her best friend Jeremy. The episode starts off with her holding a fundrasing gala and then one of the party goers suddenly collapses with blood coming from his nose. It is the first sign they will see of the virus and yet they don’t know how serious it is going to get.

In the coming days her husband and her eat breakfast as nothing going is on. Then she goes on a car ride and that is when she starts to see just how serious it is. There is one image that convinces her it is much more worse than she thought. When she gets home, she is convinced that there is a cure in the works. That is until a very funny gag that will have you applauding proves her wrong.

As time goes on the only survivors are just her husband, her, Jeremy and her arch nemesis Catherine. Catherine and her husband bought an underground bunker to go to until a cure is found. They never make it and neither does Pamela’s husband.

Pamela grabs Jeremy and they move into the bunker where they will spend the next few years. For over half of the episode, it is just her talking to her dog as they try to make time go by faster as they believe they are the Last Two Living Things on Earth. One of those ways to keep themselves busy is a drone and it gives her a glimpse of what the outside world looks like. One day, she will find out that there is life outside the bunker and that is when she will decide to go out to find those other people. And that is where the episode ends. `

Just when you think that Kristen Wiig can’t top herself, she does something like this. The Last Man on Earth gets better each week and tonight’s episode is just another shining example of that.

My only complaint is that we have to wait another week to find out what happened to our original Last People!



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