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[ # ] Would you use a teddy bear as a sex toy?
February 17th, 2017 under Sex Toys

Let’s be honest we have seen a lot of interesting sex toys throughout the last few years like the fleshlight, but this one might be the strangest one of them all. Someone turned an innocent and sweet teddy bear into a vibrator. Basically his muzzle vibrates as he eats your honey pot.

It is something so shocking that even The Doctors were left speechless by it. I mean it is a teddy bear, they are cute and cuddly and not meant to cuddle down there.

I am so horrified by it, I threw away all of my teddy bears because I can’t look at them anymore. How can they turn like that? Wait a minute, maybe, I can replace them with Teddy Love, so he can turn me on and make me growl like a bear! For $39.95, he is worth every penny. Hey, I am adult, and it is about time I got rid of my kid toys and started playing with the adult ones. Well at least adult version of a teddy bear!

To see Teddy Love’s promo then,

When you go to Teddy Love’s website, you will see they have different versions of him like BDSM and Gentleman one and a strap on that makes the bear too much to bare! Because sometimes you need a nice bear, and then other times you need a very bad one.

Forget Teddy Ruxpin, this is the must have teddy bear! The first toy might read, but the latter knows how to read my needs and isn’t that more important?

Would you use Teddy Love?



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