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[ # ] Val Kilmer says he sounds like ‘Sly Stallone on Quaaludes’
February 6th, 2017 under Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is touring the country with his film Cinema Twain, which was a one-man show he did several years ago, and he sat down with KLOS last week to talk about it. While there have been several reports about what is wrong with him, he hasn’t really told us what has been ailing him over the last few years.
In this radio interview, he immediately started it off by explaining to Steve Jones why he looks healthy and yet sounds so different. He said, “I’m alright, I have a bit of a swollen tongue.” Then the Sex Piston guitarist asked him what is going on with him. Kilmer responded by telling him, “I had a tumor, a couple of years ago, and it is just a mystery…I am fully recovered, except for this tongue so I sound a bit like Sly Stallone on Quaaludes.” Then the actor told the radio host that he “feels good.”
After he talked about his health, he then went on to tell stories about his exciting life in Hollywood with stars like Bob Dylan, working on Top Gun and more about his current tour with Citizen Twain and the Q&A he does after the screening.
It is nice to see he hasn’t lost his humor with everything going and looking great, just wish he would sound like he did in Real Genius. When I was a teen, I used to try to do that laugh he did. I swear I gave myself whiplash more than once. I would love to see him do that again because it is so iconic. Hopefully in due time, the swelling will go down soon and he will sound just like he used to.
He has several dates coming up this month in California. If you would like to see his movie, then check out for ticket information.



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