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[ # ] Is this most shocking thing to happen on Celebrity Apprentice?
January 24th, 2017 under Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrities will do anything to win The Celebrity Apprentice and one celeb might’ve gone too far. When it looked like Team Prima wasn’t going to finish their project in time, Chael Sonnen came up with a way to give them some more. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the computer cord causing it to lose power. That is considered a technical difficulty and that bought them some more time.
Lisa Leslie was not OK with what he did and called him out on it. The rest of the team wasn’t sure if he really did it or not, and because of that it caused a lot tension between them. As soon as they got in the boardroom, Project Manager Carson Kresley ratted him out on it. Arnold Schwarzenegger asked the MMA fighter if it was true and he didn’t deny it. In fact, he told his boss, “Governor, this was not cheating. This was a great move. I am very glad that we did it.” Then he explained, “Here’s how the rules read, you have to finish by 7:45. At 7:43, we were not done. You get one exception, technical difficulties. So with a little creativity with scissors, I gave us a technical difficulty.” With that confession, Arnuld told him, “You’re fired.”
So while people have been cutting the cord on the show, one of the contestants was literally doing it. Therefore proving, cheaters never win.



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